What happens after you create a marketing video?

How do your really prove ROI for your video campaigns? Sophisticated B2B video marketing platforms like Vidyard provide the tools to make this happen, but full pipeline insights are only possible when that video data is combined with marketing automation and CRM databases.

That’s where MASS Engines come in. We help you maximize your investment, setting up the platform in a fully integrated way.

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Here’s how MASS Engines helps you capture and respond to real data using Vidyard.

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Adaptive marketing automation solutions that personalize messages and videos shown to prospects based on their video watching behaviour.

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Alignment meetings and training sessions that empower your teams to work together in response to data.

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An integrated set up that connects your marketing automation solutions and CRM with Vidyard’s platform.

Why effective B2B video marketing matters for your business.

Video marketing is a growing part of almost every B2B marketing strategy. Having the right videos in the right place at the right time can improve your effectiveness:

Higher conversion rates for landing pages with video.

Lower cost per marketing generated lead for companies using video.Source: Vidyard

Did You Know?

The value of B2B video marketing is growing each year. According to a recent survey from Demand Metric, 70% of marketers say video is the most effective medium for driving conversions. But which videos drive which conversions? How can you create and measure an effective B2B strategy in a video-driven age? MASS Engines uses actionable processes and sophisticated data analysis to help you answer all these questions.

MASS Engines combines Vidyard with your existing platforms and tools to create a sustainable, high-performing marketing infrastructure that complements your sales pipeline.

A big-picture approach that considers the whole marketing and sales funnel.

Video is just one element of high-performing sales and marketing infrastructures. We care about your overall results and employ a process that establishes how video supports your buyer journey. Then, we help you identify the goals and metrics that really matter for your business.

Using data to inform marketing automation platforms.

We don’t just help you capture data – we help you respond to it, too. We’re Martech experts who can set up marketing automation platforms to send personalized messages to prospects based on their video viewing behaviour. Our goal isn’t just to measure – it’s to push real leads further down your funnel.

Training and empowering sales and marketing staff to use these new tools.

At MASS Engines, we partner with you to create long-term solutions that help your results grow month over month. We meet directly with sales and marketing teams to establish roles and responsibilities. We train the right people on the right platforms, making sure every goal and process is aligned across your organization.

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