Accelerate Time to Value with Marketing Technology

Technology enablement services offer companies a way to achieve ROI quickly on technology investments

It should come as no surprise that business leaders want fast results after making a Martech investment.

Companies are often sold on the vision of business success new technology offers, but the reality is that it can take time, even years, to execute on that promise.  Minimizing the time it takes to get value from a technology investment can be frustrating, especially when it requires stretching existing resources to deploy a new product or having to hire staff to fill proficiency gaps. 

Marketers can take a shortcut to success by procuring Technology Enablement services at the time of purchasing new martech. These types of services empower companies to deploy new tools quickly and strategically in the context of their unique business goals.

Why does Technology Enablement Matter?

As CMOs increase their martech investments with the expectation of swift ROI, technology enablement matters more than ever. Martech spending is up: marketing technologist Scott Brinker reports that CMOs spent 29% of their 2018-2019 budgets on martech, up from 22% in the previous year. In a business landscape where marketing leaders expect to see ROI on their technology investments swiftly, accelerating those returns should be a priority.

Martech ROI, however, is not consistent across the board. In a recent Ascend2 survey, 45% of marketers reported that ROI was increasing “marginally” as a result of marketing technology. In large companies, where hundreds of thousands of dollars can easily be spent on the latest martech products, marginal returns cast a dubious light on a CMO’s purchasing decision. This can result in substantial losses if the company chooses to abandon their investment because of its inability to materialize the expected results. Having technology enablement resources in place from the outset of martech implementation efficiently facilitates the realization of those desired outcomes.

Technology Enablement Benefits Start with Faster ROI

Bridging the gap between software and adoption can be a time-consuming struggle for companies without the right internal skilled resources. This is a real problem for marketers: research indicates that 64% of marketers surveyed believe that marketing technology should achieve ROI in 0-6 months, with 93% stating ROI should be achieved in less than a year. While the time to ROI will vary depending on the business and the tech they have chosen, companies can expect a shorter path to success with the right skills and resources at hand. The support of external service providers will bring strong technical capabilities to the table. Unlike traditional software professional services, which simply make the product usable and accessible to staff, technology enablement provides companies with a way to purchase success along with the software by bundling enablement services around specific usage scenarios. These services provide a combination of program management, business consulting, training, change management and data analytics packaged to deliver the expected outcome.

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Enablement Services for Martech

Simply put, technology without enablement is just technology without results. Technology enablement services are highly customized and tailored to deliver on the promise of each specific technology class. These table shows a few examples of services that companies might consider when enabling new martech technology in their organizations:

Technology Enablement  Accelerates Time to Value

Technology enablement increases the speed at which companies can fully maximize new and sophisticated marketing technology in their organizations. It accelerates results by providing the company with an option to purchase the ideal deployment, change management, and ROI measurement along with the software. For marketing teams looking for an efficient and effective way to achieve ROI from the outset of an expensive software purchase, enablement services offer a clear path to success without spending an extended amount of time adopting new technology. Marketing automation platforms are purchased with a specific vision of success in mind – technology enablement can help companies achieve that vision in the fastest possible way.

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