The most exciting thing about Marketing Automation (MA) is how quickly the space is changing and evolving. New technologies emerge every day and we are still in the early years of this evolution. In order to keep up with this rapid evolution, companies must be open to change.

Our motivation behind the new MASS Engines brand and website

MASS Engines was founded to help companies bring the vision of the revenue engine to life. Our passion is to build and integrate best in class lead management systems and help companies realize the full potential of MA. Over the last seven years we have learned an incredible amount and have a unique point of view that differentiates us from our competitors. Our new branding and website enables us to bring this bold vision to life. We are excited to share what makes MASS different and how we can help you build effective revenue engines as quickly and efficiently as possible. More importantly, we ensure adoption and results within your enterprise.

What makes MASS Engines different

The concepts of Revenue Performance Management and best-in-class Lead Management Systems are vague for many people. One of the goals for our new site is to help you better understand the importance of these concepts and communicate how MASS can help you successfully adopt them.

While having the right systems and apps are important, we recognize that it’s not just about the tech. MASS has a wealth of knowledge and experience helping companies facilitate change. We take a unique approach that combines the SAMR technology adoption model  with Dr. Kotter’s Change Management Framework, allowing organizations to drive change and successfully build and implement effective Lead Management Systems.

Our hope is that through our new site, visitors will understand that building a best-in-class Lead Management System is imperative for most companies and we are the company to help.

Staying at the cutting edge

The vision for MASS Engines has always been to help companies stay ahead of the competition by adopting the latest marketing and sales technologies and methodologies. We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge and we welcome you to look around the new site and subscribe to our blog feed, where we’ll be sharing insights and resources from our team of technology and marketing experts.

Welcome to the future of MASS, and if we may be so bold, the Future of Marketing.