The Empowered Buyer™ Magazine: Volume 1

A publication dedicated to exploring the impact of the informed buyer on the considered purchase life-cycle.

Fresh Ideas and Insight for Engaging Today’s Informed Buyer

In the age of the modern buyer, prospects have easy access to a wealth of information. As a result, no one buys the way they used to.

At MASS, we believe that every Marketer needs to draw a direct line between their team’s creativity and company revenue. In the Empowered Buyer™ Magazine, we’ll get practical and specific as we explore what mindset shift, process, measurement, technology, and content is needed to enable buyers and drive pipeline.

This magazine will help Marketers:

  • Engage and influence today’s modern buyer
  • Compete more effectively in a globalized economy
  • Transform Marketing into a revenue accelerator

Understand and engage your buyer to earn competitive advantage and drive productive sales conversations.

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