Experts You Can Count On

MASS Engines is an experienced team of modern marketers. We are results focused, have a love for data and a drive to be the best demand generation team in the world. We partner with our clients and are committed to their success.

Photo of Zee Jeremic

Zee Jeremic

The founder of MASS Engines, Zee is a veteran and visionary in the space of Marketing Automation, with a track record of successfully delivering results. Under his leadership, MASS Engines has become a consulting powerhouse, complete with a team of smart and driven experts that deliver on the revenue promise of MA.

Photo of Jim Leitch

Jim Leitch

Jim has a proven track record of managing global operations teams and developing innovative programs to support the customer journey. With his holistic understanding of how organizations support the entire customer journey, Jim is leading MASS Engines to the next level.

Photo of Michael Gray

Michael Gray

An Eloqua veteran with over 10 years of Modern Marketing experience, Michael has accumulated a wealth of knowledge ranging from the technical side of the business to the more strategic aspects of Marketing Automation. Using this knowledge, Michael is able to help businesses capitalize on their demand generation investment.

Photo of Ketul Shah

Ketul Shah

Ketul has a proven track record of helping businesses overcome challenges with innovative thinking and strategic leadership. Recognized for valued contributions of scalable and sustainable growth, he successfully balances business acumen with technical knowledge, allowing MASS Engines to achieve optimal results.

Photo of Anthony Iannuzzi

Anthony Iannuzzi

With over 10 years of software & mobile application development experience, Anthony is an expert in understanding and solving organizational challenges and inefficiencies through the use of Marketing & Sales Automation Technologies. As a Principal Consultant, he pays close attention to underlying systems and their usability, helping MASS Engines deliver impressive results for clients.

Photo of Karim Jina

Karim Jina

Karim is a Modern Marketing executive with more than 18 years of marketing technology experience. He has delivered more than 20,000 consulting hours across 500 Eloqua projects. Karim oversees all SmartStart implementations at MASS Engines.

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Ann Van Duzen

Ann is a dedicated Senior Project Manager with over 15+ years of experience in project leadership. She has a deep understanding of project management and strong, practical skills that she applies using up-to-date tools and techniques. Ann ensures MASS projects have clear and attainable objectives and are delivered within scope, on time and on budget.

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Mike West

Mike has 15+ years in the field of marketing, with a heavy focus on lead generation and sales and marketing optimization. Known as a “jack of all trades”, Mike brings a depth of experience in digital marketing from both a technical and strategic view point.

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Tim Dubroy

Tim has 10 years experience developing marketing programs and strategies that rely on Marketing & Sales Automation technologies. Tim values a balance of creativity and data driven decisions and has experience working within highly complex Fortune 500 environments. He was nominated for 2015’s Oracle Modern Marketer of the Year and aims to win it soon.

Photo of Jan Kublikowski

Jan Kublikowski

With a focus of delivering exceptional client experiences, Jan provides a wide-range of support for Enterprise clients at MASS Engines. Jan has a diverse background covering business analysis, project delivery and customer life cycle management.

Photo of Bryden Smallwood

Bryden Smallwood

With a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto, Bryden is skilled at solving difficult problems to provide the best solution. An out of the box thinker, Bryden brings a unique perspective to supporting MASS Engines’ technical services team.

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Anita Pinto

Anita is a versatile project management professional with 6 years of experience. With a background in communications & marketing, event management and client relations, she brings a unique perspective to every project at MASS. Anita is focused on the customer’s experience; successfully building strong relationships internally and externally.

Photo of David Lysko

David Lysko

David is an analyst with a broad range of experience leveraging data to produce actionable insights. He brings his engineering mindset and strong technical skills to MASS Engines, enabling him to effectively tackle today’s and tomorrow’s data challenges.

Photo of Ibrahim Jaafar

Ibrahim Jaafar

Ibrahim brings to MASS Engines a background in computer science and a passion for software development. With his strong technical skills and knowledge, he enjoys the day to day challenges of being a front-end developer and is committed to delivering excellent software service for all of our clients' MarTech needs.

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Derek Young

Derek brings 10+ years of Project Coordination and Technical Account Management experience from the IoT space where he contributed directly to the growth of Key accounts. Derek now leverages his combination of Technical and Account Management expertise to the customer focused team at MASS Engines.

Photo of Tamanna Kothari

Tamanna Kothari

Tamanna has a Master’s in Information Technology and extensive experience in project management, marketing research & analytics. Having held previous roles such as software developer and e-commerce marketing project coordinator, she brings a great deal of knowledge to the MASS Engines team.

Photo of Melissa Korn

Melissa Korn

Melissa is passionate about merging her creativity and love for collaboration with her marketing and communication skills. With a diverse background of 10+ years in program management, a degree in English and a post-graduate certificate in Strategic Public Relations, Melissa drives the marketing initiatives at MASS Engines.

Photo of Elizabeth Selbie

Elizabeth Selbie

Elizabeth is an energetic and conscientious Operations and HR professional devoted to the success of clients and colleagues. Through effective strategies and support, Elizabeth ensures the MASS team can deliver impactful solutions. Their success is her success.

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Ashley Arnold

Ashley brings more than 7 years of administrative and customer service experience to MASS Engines. She is an integral part of the day-to-day operations of the office, providing administrative & financial assistance, event coordination and supporting the delivery of a positive work culture experience for the team.

Photo of Johnny Nguyen

Johnny Nguyen

Johnny is passionate about the possibilities of technology and how it improves businesses. A graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University, Johnny has a bachelor’s Degree in business technology and has worked as IT Support for a variety of companies. He provides the team at MASS with peace-of-mind as he handles everyone's IT needs.