Executive Summary

Under extreme time constraint, MASS Engines was brought in to migrate Verndale’s instance of Marketo over to Eloqua. The MASS Engines team worked with Verndale to identify and prioritize requirements to successfully migrate their new Eloqua instance without impacting customer communications. By developing a clear strategy that utilized a phased approach and providing frequent, transparent communication, MASS Engines was able to:

  • Align the migration strategy with Verndale’s business goals
  • Expedite a move from Marketo to Eloqua in record time
  • Assess Salesforce and integrate with Eloqua
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When Arpine Babloyan, director of acquisition marketing at Verndale, joined the company, she heard about multiple challenges with the current automation provider, Marketo. Babloyan explained, “It wasn’t clear whether the issues were with the product itself or the implementation. Unfortunately, the existing Marketo contract was expiring, and we were not able to extend it to give us time to do a thorough evaluation. I had worked with Eloqua extensively at my previous job and knew that it could do what we needed. The challenge was that we had very little time to migrate from Marketo to Eloqua.”

Babloyan knew that she would not be able to complete the migration on her own given the tight timeline.

“During my first call with MASS Engines, it was clear that the team had the right experience and can-do attitude that I needed. They proposed that we take a tiered approach to the project, prioritizing based on what had to be completed before the switch over and what could be done later,” said Babloyan. “Having MASS Engines on board to help me with the migration from Marketo to Eloqua gave me confidence that we would be able to complete the transition without disruption to our customers’ interactions with us.”


  1. Strategy Development
    “MASS Engines was able to quickly outline a migration plan for us that included a strategy for addressing the issues that we had with Marketo and would allow us to complete the migration on time,” said Babloyan. “I was impressed with how the MASS Engines team identified the best order to do things to make the migration easier and ensure a smooth transition.”
  2. Systems Migration
    The migration from Marketo to Eloqua included landing pages, forms, emails, programs, lists, images and PDFs. “For much of the items that had to be moved from Marketo to Eloqua, significant updates were required,” said Babloyan. “MASS Engines was able to jump in and take care of all the updates that we needed from Javascripts and link locations to landing pages and emails. They also recreated forms, which we then had to integrate with Sitecore.” “We were under a lot of pressure to complete this project on time and without impacting our customers. MASS Engines was great about communicating with me. The regular communication was a key factor in the success of our project,” said Babloyan. “The MASS Engines team would check in with me each morning to let me know the plan for the day then follow up at the end of the day letting me know what was done. And, whenever I needed something from them, they were very responsive.” Verndale completed the migration in record time. “We were able to do the entire migration from Marketo to Eloqua in less than two weeks. We would not have been able to do it without MASS Engines,” said Babloyan.
  3. CRM Integration
    After completing the migration from Marketo to Eloqua, Babloyan engaged MASS Engines to assess its Salesforce instance and integrate it with Eloqua. Verndale had Salesforce, but the Salesforce integration was out of date and not aligned with the existing process. “The Sales team was not well educated on how Salesforce integration was set up, so they pretty much ignored it,” said Babloyan. “I knew from our migration project, that MASS Engines would be able to get Salesforce set up in a way that worked for everyone. As with the migration project, MASS Engines took time to develop a strategy that aligned with our goals and addressed issues with the existing set up.”

Results and Moving Forward

“Everyone was very pleased with the work that MASS Engines did for Verndale to migrate from Marketo to Eloqua and reboot Salesforce. I know that I never would have been able to do it all without MASS Engines,” said Babloyan.

“I really appreciated the expertise that the MASS Engines team brought to our projects as well as their ability to work quickly and efficiently. It’s great to know that they’re just a phone call away when we need support,” Babloyan concluded.

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“Having MASS Engines on board to help me with the migration from Marketo to Eloqua gave me confidence that we would be able to complete the transition without disruption to our customers’ interactions with us.”

Arpine Babloyan, Director of Aquisition Marketing
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