Pipeline Marketing Case Study
Executive Summary

A global data solutions provider with a strong Eloqua foundation was looking to accelerate demand generation results by expanding adoption of modern marketing best practices. They chose MASS Engines because of their focus on change management as the key to enabling funnel transformation. A close collaboration over 2.5 years, yielded impressive results:

  • ROI of 6,397% through optimization of a Contact Us form, which improved conversions between Visitor to Inquiry funnel stages by 30%, yielding an additional 1,000 leads per year.
  • ROI of 487% by reducing conversions between Inquiry MQL funnel stages by 67% (with zero impact on SQL funnel stages) due to application of data-driven Predictive Analysis to Lead Scoring program.
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Eytan Abrahams, Director of Marketing Automation, had a vision that aligned with modern marketing trends focused on using technology to drive transformational results within an organization. Abrahams created a vision manifesto for Return Path, but efforts stalled from the start due to historical mismanagement of Marketing Automation and MarTech, which saw transition of 3 internal teams and 5 partner organizations over their 7 year history. Technology deployment suffered from inaccurate, incomplete, irrelevant data, which inhibited effective targeting and generally hampered marketing efforts. Operationally, the organization functioned within silos which restricted the collaboration and alignment needed to embrace and succeed at funnel management and modern marketing.


MASS Engines provided a mixture of ADVANCE services to tweak particular parts of ReturnPath’s lead management system.  Specifically:

  1. Instance Remodelling to Improve Segmentation
    MASS Engines worked with Return Path to completely revamp the data collection process, opening up more fields and eliminating data inconsistencies. With the cleaned-up Eloqua instance, Return Path’s marketing programs not only ran more smoothly, they could also perform more effective segmentation to support targeted campaigns.
  2. Form Updates to Increase Conversions
    As part of its evaluation of ReturnPath’s data collection, MASS Engines completed a thorough forms review and found that most forms were visually confusing and the questions presented were focused on ReturnPath’s needs rather than the customer’s. MASS Engines changed the form copy and formatting to enhance the user experience. The reworked Contact Us form delivered a 30% increase in conversions, which translated into 1000 additional leads per year.
  3. Lead Scoring Revamps to Deliver Higher Quality Leads
    MASS did a deep data drive, completing an intense analysis of opportunity and engagement data and then applied learnings to the lead scoring model. They also drove conversations with both marketing and sales to define Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and improve conversions. From there, they set up Eloqua to automate scoring based on MQL criteria and stage in the funnel.  This allowed ReturnPath to build a program that enables the sales team to focus only on high-quality leads and improve conversion opportunities.


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“The results exceeded our expectations. We reduced MQLs by 67%, by eliminating junk and increasing quality, but this reduction had zero impact on SQLs. Because of MASS Engines’ improvements to our scoring system, we had fewer leads, but better results.”

Eytan Abrahams, Director, Marketing Automation
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Return Path is a global Data Solutions Provider that helps the world’s leading companies promote and protect their brands. Return Path’s data-driven solutions help email marketers understand their deliverability and take action to reach the maximum number of customers to drive increased revenue.

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