How Mass Engines Delivers Improved Lead Management For Financial Services.

MASS Engines was brought in to address Mountain America Credit Union’s (MACU) unique requirements for Eloqua and Salesforce. MACU has a sizeable data warehouse, which is a rich source for marketing. However, retrieving data and generating reports from this system were prohibitively cumbersome. To help MACU increase the efficacy of their marketing and tracking campaign outcomes, MASS Engines:

  • Designed new systems integration for agile marketing between Eloqua, Salesforce and Data Warehouse
  • Established processes for contact management and tracking
  • Developed closed-loop reporting and rules for interaction with leads
  • Enabled attribution reporting and improved visibility into efficacy of campaigns and lead scoring


Liana Christian, marketing automation and database manager at MACU came up with an idea to solve their data access problem. “I had worked extensively with Eloqua and knew its robust capabilities. I recognized that we could use Eloqua to make our member data more accessible and easier to derive reports from—this would increase the efficacy of our marketing efforts as well as better track results,” said Christian.

This was easier said than done. “Our data didn’t fit the typical Eloqua profile, so I knew that we were going to need experts to help achieve our objectives,” shared Christian. “Having worked with MASS Engines on other Eloqua projects, I was confident that they would be up to the challenge of bending Eloqua norms to meet our unique requirements.”

In addition to system integration, MACU needed to better manage and track the many leads collected from events and other activities, establish business processes around lead reporting, and upgrade their attribution reporting.


1. Systems Integration

To achieve MACU’s objectives, three systems were used: their data warehouse, Eloqua and Salesforce. “We use the data warehouse to feed Eloqua and then use Salesforce for reporting,” said Christian. “MASS Engines was instrumental in designing the systems and processes to support our vision for more agile marketing. With MASS Engines’ support, we set up closed-loop reporting to gain visibility into all stages of the funnel and have the ability to quantify the impact of programs. We now understand the value of campaigns in terms of revenue.”

2. Lead Management

Following the systems integration, MASS Engines built automated segments based on identified qualification criteria. “The system that MASS Engines helped us build now allows us to use Eloqua to not only target existing members with the right products but to also nurture prospects,” said Christian. In addition, MASS set up closed-loop reporting allowing MACU to track interactions and touches, even if someone comes in from multiple sources. “We are able to see what members are doing and how they engage with us,” said Christian. “Thanks to MASS Engines, we can clearly understand what’s working and what’s not.”

3. Attribution Reporting

MASS Engines upgraded MACU’s attribution reporting to improve visibility into efficacy of campaigns and lead scoring. “MASS Engines helped us better tune Eloqua to determine lead qualification and make the needed adjustments. This helped us find qualified people who were not being caught with lead scoring,” said Christian. MACU also worked with MASS Engines to enable attribution to a specific timeframe. “With MASS Engines’ help, we are now able to see campaign records at a glance, including all marketing influence during that period. We can see how many leads converted as well as the value,” said Christian. “What MASS Engines did is amazing. We can now track across cross sells and directly to campaigns.”


MACU attributes the success of its work with MASS Engines to the team’s experience, expertise and attention to project management—especially communication. “The MASS Engines team listened carefully to our requirements and quickly understood what we were trying to accomplish. They were great about keeping all aspects of this complex project on track. Their ability to clearly communicate with me, my team and senior stakeholders kept the project moving quickly and smoothly,” said Christian. “MASS Engines also provided executive reporting and checkpoint updates, which was very helpful. They even put together a demo for the execs that was spot on.”

MASS Engines also provided comprehensive documentation when the project was complete. “The documentation that MASS Engines gave us detailed exactly what was built, so I understood precisely what had been done and how to use it. No deliverables were ‘black box.’ MASS Engines was totally transparent with every step,” said Christian.

We are very happy with MASS Engines. They have been very easy to work with and the entire team is friendly and accommodating. With their support, we have realized our vision for taking Eloqua and Salesforce outside of the box. This has transformed our marketing efforts.

Liana Christian, Marketing Automation And Database Manager At Macu