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Lead-to-Revenue is Your Greatest Growth Lever

For marketing teams to win they must own the entire lead funnel—not just pieces of it.

When leads aren’t turning to revenue, a lot of marketing teams are forced to do more of what’s not working by going to get even more leads.

The more leads they get the more it looks like a marketing problem. For marketing teams to win they must own the entire lead funnel—not just pieces of it.

Marketing Owns the Entire Funnel

For the past 10 years marketing teams needed to drive more leads to reach growth goals, but there are now over 50x more companies. This means more companies generating leads from the same buyers, and buyers aren’t giving your sales team the time of day to learn about your product or offering.

This means marketing teams are on the hook for more of the funnel than ever before. Generating more leads is no longer a growth lever. You must convert more of those leads to opportunities which drive pipeline and revenue. It sounds simple enough, but marketing teams continually get stuck on the more hamster wheel when they need to focus on lead conversion.

Lead to opportunity creation is a marketing problem

  • After lead creation sales used to be in charge of all remaining touch points. The sales team would reach out, change buyers’ beliefs, convince them that acting now is better than waiting for tomorrow, craft an offer, and close the sale.
  • But today, leads aren’t giving your sales team the time. They aren’t responding to sales outreach this early in the funnel. This now puts marketing in charge of the entire funnel and conversion rates within the funnel all the way to revenue.

Marketing teams must connect to revenue creation

  • Paid ads, events, webinars, emails.. every channel drives leads and impacts your marketing funnel… Cost per lead, buyer intent, funnel stages, original sources, conversion sources all must be tracked.
  • But as more marketing teams own a revenue number, you must be able to show the impact all of these channels have on revenue not just lead creation.

Buyers now hold more power and are harder to track

  • Marketing has changed forever with the power of buyer choice and buyer control. Buyers no longer engage with sales until their moment of intent putting more pressure on marketing teams to move buyers from out-of-market to in-market.
  • Your marketing team must understand what touch points, channels, and sources help buyers declare intent to improve lead-to-revenue conversions.

The funnel that gets more at the bottom wins

  • Companies will spend millions on lead generation activities to get more at the top of the funnel, but how much do they invest in converting those leads through the funnel? That’s where MASS Engines comes in.
  • MASS Engines is a RevOps agency that unlocks the funnel to help marketing teams create and close more pipeline from the leads they’re already getting.
  • As a result marketing and sales teams see improved MQL to opportunity rates, lower acquisition cost, and sales teams that can drive more revenue. This means they have more budget to spend on lead generating activities.

Pipeline Builder

Increase opportunity creation by knowing which leads have the highest intent.

Revenue Connector

Tell marketing’s story by connecting more activities to revenue.

RevOps Accelerator

Prevent a leaky funnel, lower CAC, and scale every stage of the funnel.

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