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Just starting out on your funnel optimization journey?  MASS Engines provides deployment, training and execution to help you get the most from your marketing automation investment.

Shift services include:

  1. Marketing & Sales Automation Deployment
    Get up and running quickly and efficiently with your new Marketing Automation solution. We will set up your marketing database, configure your digital body language tracking, deploy your email engine, integrate your CRM, build your email templates, set up subscription management and more.
  2. System Migration
    Don’t miss a beat when transitioning to your new Marketing Automation solution. We will work with you to transition critical campaigns, nurture workflows, data and systems integrations, all data collection from forms, landing pages and third parties, and more.
  3. Training
    Ensure your team is empowered to maximize your new Marketing Automation solution from the start. Building on your existing training programs, our training is customized to enable your team to execute on all existing and desired business processes.
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