A powerful new CRM is an exciting addition to any company.

You hope your sales and marketing teams will feel the same way, but how do you make sure they use the new platform to its full potential?

A strategic rollout is essential – otherwise, staff will become confused, skeptical, and disengaged when introduced to the Salesforce (SFDC) platform. They may use it incorrectly, or worse, not use it at all.

You need a seamless implementation that engages your team members and revolutionizes your sales funnel. You need an onboarding strategy that considers every person, goal, and measurement your CRM will touch. You need consistent and competent CRM use across your company.

We’re here to help you make that happen.

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Here’s how MASS Engines can help your SFDC Implementation run smoothly.

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Detailed and collaborative planning to align stakeholders, systems and business goals for an effective CRM rollout.

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Customized CRM training that introduces the right people to the right SFDC features and motivates adoption.

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Technical setup and ongoing support to help you get the most from your new technology.

Why effective implementation matters for your business.

When you use SFDC to its full potential, you’ll get an unprecedented competitive edge. Here are the typical results companies see when they get this CRM right.

Increase in Lead Conversion

Increase in Sales ProductivitySource: Salesforce.com

Did You Know?

To keep up with the latest customer management technology, Salesforce releases updates three times per year. An ongoing relationship with an SFDC consulting company like MASS Engines can help you make the most of the technology with best practices and support every step of the way.

Here’s How MASS Engines creates a Salesforce implementation plan that works for your company:

Big-picture approach that works for everyone.

Salesforce has an incredible number of features and usage models. We customize the setup of Salesforce in your organization, making sure the deployment aligns with your goals, strategies, and team structure for a seamless rollout.

Refined reporting processes for clear ROI measurement.

We implement a strong reporting framework from the start. We care about your ROI, and work to help you maximize the potential of your SFDC investment through careful measurement of each tactic, channel, and strategy.

Expert support to get the most from your CRM.

Save time and cut out the IT back-and-forth with technical support from experienced SFDC experts. We know your CRM inside and out, and offer a variety of services including setup, training, maintenance, improvements and more.

“The reason that I like working with MASS Engines is that they sit down and discuss the ins and outs of what you want to do and why to ensure that what you think you want to do will get you what you’re trying to achieve.”

Director of Marketing Automation at Return Path
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