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Grow Opportunities

Turn more marketing leads into opportunities and pipeline.

Driving more leads isn’t your only lever for marketing pipeline. Get more out of every campaign dollar by better understanding the intent of every lead, and helping sales prioritize the leads ready to buy now.

Never Guess Which Leads Have the Highest Intent

Accelerating growth doesn’t come from simply driving more leads, but from a system that converts more leads to opportunities and pipeline.

We have created a framework called Pipeline Builder that collects the most important data points from your entire lead funnel to help your marketing and sales team prioritize the leads with the highest intent.

By the end of a 3-month pilot, your marketing team will be more precise with the leads they pass to sales that we guarantee an increase in opportunity creation.

We only win, if you win.

More ready to buy leads, and more pipeline creation

With the right alignment between marketing and sales, you can build more pipeline faster. But marketing can’t be aligned to sales if they continually bring in more leads that don’t turn into pipeline. With Pipeline Builder, you’ll know the type of leads that convert so everyone can prioritize their efforts.

MASS Engines simplifies the lead conversion process. Here’s how.

How do we build a scalable lead to pipeline system with Pipeline Builder?


Connect marketing and sales to drive alignment on the best fit leads.


Prioritize leads to generate more marketing sourced opportunities.


Weekly continuous improvements so you reach your goals this quarter.

They thought of everything. Their strategic thinking about the groups and overall engagement was like a highly-sophisticated architect working on a complex project.

Rhonda Wunderlin, VP, Performance Marketing @ Informa Engage

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