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Maximize the conversion potential of each lead by visualizing the lead journey from top to bottom, identifying opportunities for further improvement. Gain greater clarity into your lead management system and identify the campaigns that directly impact revenue.

Redefine services include:

  1. Lead Management Framework: Address challenges with lead qualification and scoring head on. We help you architect the unique blueprint for your marketing and sales funnel, identifying everything from lead routing and ownership to lead scoring and predictive analytics. This framework maximizes the conversion potential of each lead generated and builds alignment between sales and marketing by establishing service-level agreements (SLAs) for marketing qualified leads (MQLs) that are agreed to by both teams.
  2. Attribution Reporting: Connect your marketing spend to closed business.  With attribution reporting, revenue is directly assigned to the original campaign tactic that provided the lead, turning marketing from a cost center into a profit center.  We help you get the insights you need into direct spend outcomes across the spectrum of marketing investments. What gets measured, gets managed.
  3. Influence Reporting: Get the full picture of the impact your campaigns are having on revenue. While some campaigns and initiatives may not directly impact sales, they can still be a critical factor in supporting sales efforts and revenue creation. We help you build on the attribution reporting foundation to fill in the blanks – accurately split investments across all campaigns that touched the lead and identify which marketing tactics are influencing your most valuable sales so you can double down on what works.
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