Unlock Unrealized Revenue with Zee Jeremic

Zee is an innovative business technologist passionate about building revenue engines for growth companies to harness the full power of existing marketing and sales investments. A master management consultant, Zee is focused on business process optimizations and has helped many Fortune 500 and mid-market companies integrate their marketing and sales systems and processes to drive outstanding results.

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MASS Engines Gets Results

Samsung Results
  • Connected marketing investments with revenue outcomes.
  • 57% reduction in Marketing Leads along with a 10% increase in Opportunities
  • 200% increase in Sales conversion rates (Marketing Leads to Opportunity)
  • 60% growth in Marketing contribution to revenue
  • Winner of the Markie Cultivator Award for Best Lead Management Program 2019
Return Path Results
  • ROI of 6,397% through optimization of a Contact Us form, which improved conversions between Visitor to Inquiry funnel stages by 30%, yielding an additional 1,000 leads per year
  • ROI of 487% by reducing conversions between Inquiry MQL funnel stages by 67% (with zero impact on SQL funnel stages) due to application of data-driven Predictive Analysis to Lead Scoring program
Informa Results
  • Planned and executed a large technology upgrade and migration project in less than 1 year
  • The project team designed and architected a new Eloqua solution for Informa marketers
  • In recognition of this effort, Informa Engage netted two of the most prestigious marketing awards in the industry
  • CMO’s (Chief Marketing Officer) Marketing Team of the Year
  • Modern Marketing Leader of the Year – Rhonda Wunderlin, Vice President, Performance Marketing