Quality over quantity

More leads doesn’t always mean more business. The quality of the leads you get can make or break revenue projections—driving teams ahead or dragging your company down.

Optimize, streamline, succeed.
MASS Engines understands the power of quality leads. Pipeline Builder delivers a 10% increase in real opportunities, to keep your pipeline full.

Start now! Get results in 3 months with a pilot designed to build a reliable and profitable pipeline. We will identify and convert your high-quality leads, establish and define key roles, and implement repeatable, efficient workflows that generate serious profit. Are you ready? We are.

MASS Engines simplifies the lead conversion process. Here’s how.


Connect marketing and sales to maintain focus on the most promising leads.


Ditch the junk and drive conversions that generate more opportunities for revenue growth.


Learn on the go. Weekly reviews identify patterns and leave room for adjustments at each step.

“The results exceeded our expectations. Because of MASS Engines’ improvements to our scoring system, we had fewer leads, but better results.”


Build success with Pipeline Builder

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