PathFactory (formerly LookBook HQ) offers incredible tools to revolutionize the deployment, organization, and measurement of your B2B content.

The journey from a disorganized pile of content assets to insightful B2B content marketing requires more than just PathFactory’s platform.

Strategic know-how and a structured rollout from MASS Engines will help you maximize your investment in the platform. We help you take care of everything from initial setup and integrations to deployment and measurement. Our proven method makes implementing and using PathFactory easier, faster, and more successful than you ever thought possible.

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Here’s how MASS Engines helps you set up and supercharge B2B content activation with PathFactory.

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Identify and clarify roles and responsibilities within your team, providing the right training to the right people.

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Setup and support for the platform, including expert integration with other marketing automation technologies.

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Develop reporting frameworks and identify KPI’s to help you maximize your B2B content marketing success.

Did You Know?

According to PathFactory, the average B2B buyer interacts with about 10 pieces of content before they purchase.

As you restructure your content system, there are a lot of decisions to make.

MASS Engines offers an expert perspective to help you answer questions like:

How can we make the most of the insights to inform marketing, sales and customer experience strategies?

Who in my company will be creating and tracking content using the new system?

How does this align with our other marketing processes and technologies?

Why MASS Engines?

When you make a major change to your marketing infrastructure, it helps to have a third party perspective to offer training, insights, and technical expertise. Here are a few reasons why MASS Engines is an ideal partner to help you make the most of your martech solutions:

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Strong focus on results.

It's time to measure the whole B2B buyer journey for your business. We don’t oversimplify your results into 2-dimensional KPIs. We create a framework that considers everything from attribution to lead qualification. Together, we’ll find out what’s really working in your B2B marketing strategy.

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We see the sum of the parts.

We get it - content strategy and marketing teams are just part of your engagement strategy. We consider every tool and person that contributes to your bottom-line, aligning sales and marketing staff in a clear and communicative way.

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Technical know-how for multiple tools.

We're experts in a suite of top marketing and sales automation tools including CRMs, marketing automation platforms, analytics software, and more. Whether you need technical integration or a fully aligned strategy, we’re here to help.

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