Samsung and MASS Engines announced as winners of the Markie Cultivator Award for Best Lead Management Program. Designed and implemented by MASS Engines, this program has been able to intelligently distinguish key buying intent signs and shift how the client identifies, nurtures, qualifies and engages with prospects.

Outstanding results included:

  • Increased Funnel Conversions by 267%
  • Improved Marketing’s contribution to pipeline by 183% and Marketing’s contribution to Revenue by 60% in a single year (2018)
  • Developed a framework that enables Marketing to understand how every campaign, tactic, and asset impacts the buyer journey at each stage
  • Built a Lead Management system that supports multiple products, so that Marketing & Sales can seamlessly support (and track) all company offerings and deliver a compelling customer experience
  • Regained trust of Sales by providing quality, buy-ready leads complete with contextual buyer journey information to help drive a meaningful connection and boost conversion rates/pipeline

“We are privileged to work with Samsung, a premier brand known for innovation, and contribute to their success. This Markie Award for Best Lead Management Program validates not just our proprietary lead management framework, but the outstanding results it delivers. Samsung was able to radically increase funnel conversions resulting in a 183% jump in Marketing contribution to pipeline, and a 60% jump in Marketing contribution to revenue.”

Zee Jeremic, CEO, MASS Engines

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