Eloqua Lead Scoring Best Practices

Test & Learn For Success

These are the lead scoring best practices for long term, successful revenue generation:

Pre build Practices

A simple To-Do list:

Lead scoring is not an one time activity
Revise the model once in 1,3, 6 or 12 months
Let your sales team tell you who the ideal buyer is
Co-define MQLs (Marketing qualified Leads) accordingly

Quick tip

While the sales teams are interested in "Title" criteria, marketing is more interested in "Role".

Eloqua Centric Practices

Fit or Engagement? No, it's both

Include explicit & implicit criteria
Take the buying stages of the leads into account

Score leads based on the Content they love

Differentiate content - HVC (High Value Content) & otherwise.
Assign higher weight to leads that engage with HVC

Quick tip

HVC features in the later stages of buying such as evaluation (or) education

Reward good data with higher lead scores

Score leads based on fields that have data / value
Incorporate a scoring logic to deal with fields that have no / wrong data

Transfer only the leads that Sales love

Draw SLAs with the sales teams, ex: Sales only receives A1 through B4
Let the business rules control the transfer of lead

Quick tip

Include "negative" criteria to reduce lead volume & ensure sales teams receive only high quality ones

Lead Scoring Reporting - The game changer

Measure lead scores continously
Map scores to opportunities & revenues
Create a framework on Lead score distribution
Score leads better. Request a Consultation.
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