Mind-blowing advancements in B2B marketing technology are released year after year, but outdated team structures and marketing operations often fail to take advantage of these new opportunities.

You need a foundation where the best tools and methods can flourish – an integrated marketing automation and CRM system, a well-trained team, and a data repository where metrics are collected, shared, and understood.

MASS Engines is a results-oriented MarTech consultancy with a change management approach. We combine business strategy with technical know-how to drive new revenue to your business, providing the tools and support to supercharge your CRM and automation systems.

Here are just some of the MarTech platforms and applications we can amplify for your business.

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Eloqua: Unlock the potential of your Eloqua investment.

Move beyond the technology to drive high quality leads with Eloqua. MASS works with you to:

  • Establish a comprehensive sales and marketing funnel that takes advantage of Eloqua’s personalization, targeting, and lead scoring capabilities.
  • Educate and empower teams using proven training methods that motivate adoption.
  • Optimize your revenue-driving system with ongoing reporting, review and support.
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Salesforce: Supercharge your sales performance.

Transform the speed and relevancy of sales engagements with expert Salesforce consulting. MASS works with you to:

  • Craft a personalized CRM rollout that ensures Salesforce is fully utilized across all teams.
  • Clean up your database and train sales teams to keep your CRM fully loaded with relevant data.
  • Enable better sales and marketing decisions with a strong reporting framework that ties every sales and marketing decision to revenue.
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Marketo: Harness the power of automation to drive stronger leads.

Bring your teams together to build high-performing marketing automation campaigns with Marketo.  MASS works with you to:

  • Train and empower every member of your marketing team to understand and utilize all of Marketo’s features, giving them the tools to create powerful campaigns.
  • Align marketing KPIs with sales goals and revenue results, ensuring all Marketo data flows seamlessly into your CRM.

Measure and optimize lead generation tactics, shifting the focus to lead quality and nurturing for bottom-line results.

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Pardot: Create a sales-centered automation strategy.

Maximize Pardot with a more targeted, data-driven marketing strategy. As experts in both marketing automation and CRM management, MASS can work with you to:

  • Implement Pardot while also optimizing Salesforce, creating powerful integrated solutions that optimize your campaigns.
  • Prepare your business for the next generation of MarTech, with comprehensive training, campaign implementation, and buyer journey frameworks.
  • Build an end-to-end reporting framework, allowing you to see exactly which top-of-funnel marketing efforts lead to opportunities and sales.
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Once we optimize your MarTech foundation, our knowledge of the best marketing and sales applications will set you up for long-term growth.

Amplify your analytics with AI, revolutionize your relationship with data and manage your content marketing journey. MASS will source and implement cutting-edge technologies that make sense for your business, transforming your sales and marketing systems with the best measurement, operations and campaign management tools.

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Lattice Engines:  Unleash the power of predictive analytics.

The amount of data available to marketers today is staggering, and most B2B campaigns only scratch the surface. Lattice Engines puts the largest pool of B2B buying signals at your fingertips, capturing and analyzing millions of internal and external data points to inform more effective sales and marketing strategies.

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Full Circle: Turn data into action.

Understand your performance and drive more leads with a complete, attribution-powered view of your marketing and sales funnel. Full Circle Insights offers end-to-end reporting that connects each marketing and sales event to revenue. This amplified data can clarify your buyer journey, helping you align sales and marketing around a strategy that puts ROI first.

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Vidyard: Make the most of your B2B video marketing.

B2B video is an increasingly important marketing tactic, and it’s time to move beyond monitoring views and clicks. Vidyard is a video platform that enables businesses to better connect with viewers through interactive and personalized video experiences. Together with your marketing automation and CRM systems, Vidyard can connect the dots between top-of-funnel video data (i.e. views and clicks), and bottom-of-funnel data (i.e. opportunities and revenue) to drive drastic improvements to your funnel.

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PathFactory: Amplify your B2B content strategy.

Organize your content to drive engagement across the entire buyer journey. PathFactory (formerly LookBook HQ) provides tools to transform the deployment, organization, and measurement of your B2B content, helping you turn a disorganized pile of content assets into insightful B2B content activation.

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The MASS Approach

Custom-crafted solutions for your business.

Big ideas, new tools and successful implementations require structure and planning. Who will be using which platforms? How do we maximize this investment? What do different departments think? We take the time to understand your stakeholders, systems, and goals before jumping into technology.

Proven training processes for true adoption.

Your investment may look good on paper, but it will fall flat if your team members don’t use your tools. We engage and empower your sales and marketing stakeholders with dynamic training, critical best practices, and a communication framework for ongoing improvements and alignment.

MarTech expertise backed by strategy.

After establishing the best path forward for your technology structure, our experts get to work setting up and integrating your platforms. We’re here to support you with everything from initial setup to campaign deployment and ongoing maintenance, so you will always have a resource for support.


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