At MASS Engines, we don’t just make your sales and marketing platforms functional – we make them powerful.

We take a change management approach to our services, offering technical and operational support alongside technology and business consulting. Using a proven methodology, we work with your sales and marketing teams to encourage adoption and maximize results.

With MASS Engines’ marketing transformation model, you’ll get:

A long-term outlook.

Buyer expectations are always shifting. We build agile, collaborative sales and marketing processes that allow you to identify and respond to changes in buyer behaviour, keeping you one step ahead of your competitors.

A step-by-step approach.

We work with you in incremental steps to build a stronger sales and marketing ecosystem. Our carefully measured marketing transformation framework ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

A results-driven system.

We help your sales and marketing teams understand the “why” behind sales and marketing automation, allowing for successful adoption. Then, we keep them accountable and engaged with reporting focused on revenue results.

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MASS Engines Uses Proven Transformation Models for Technology Adoption.

MASS Engines has worked on over 350 projects to help companies like yours revolutionize their sales and marketing processes. Our marketing transformation model has helped companies like Samsung and Intel revolutionize their sales and marketing structure to drive more and better leads. Here’s how:

  • A change management approach, we bring all sales and marketing stakeholders to the table to develop solutions that make sense across your organization.
  • An academically proven model for technology adoption, we make sure any new methods and tools are actually used across your organization, training your teams to understand and benefit from the new system.
  • A focused framework for implementing new tools and strategies, with clearly defined steps to avoid any funnel leaks or missed opportunities.

It’s time to bridge scholarly research with the best MarTech strategies.

Our implementation program follows the SAMR method, an academic step-by-step technology adoption process utilized and refined in the Education sector. SAMR stands for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition. This methodology is the backbone of our carefully crafted training and adoption system. We are dedicated to rolling out MarTech in a way all your stakeholders can understand and build upon, so you can take full advantage of targeting, personalization and reporting technologies to transform your sales and marketing campaigns.

How marketing transformation with MASS Engines works:

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Step One:

Start your transformation journey with expert marketing automation setup and rollout. Our MarTech experts configure and deploy your new platforms quickly and effectively, meet with your stakeholders for training, and support you in seamless execution.

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Step Two:

Now that the tools are in place, it’s time to build the foundation for effective marketing. In this stage we make meaningful changes to enhance data quality, increase efficiencies and improve sales and marketing alignment. By the end of this process, you will have a clean database with the ability to quickly and accurately target prospects with personalized messaging.

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Step Three:

With a fine-tuned MarTech platform, you’re now ready to optimize your lead management structure based on measurable results. Our proven reporting framework uses sophisticated attribution modeling to connect marketing investments to revenue outcomes. Together, we will revolutionize your funnel based on clearly tracked metrics, maximizing the conversion potential of each lead by visualizing the buyer journey from end-to-end.

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Step Four:

Maximize your revenue results with interactive, highly engaging programs that give your target audience the content they want, when they want it. We help you drive conversions with a seamless, multi-channel brand experience that responds to buyer data in real time. From nurture sequences that adapt to buyer behaviour to ongoing conversion optimization practices and testing, we use cutting-edge marketing technology to maximize long-term growth.

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The MASS Approach

Enable transformation, not just training.

Complete, competent use of new marketing and sales tools requires more than just knowing which button to click. We use a big-picture approach to help sales and marketing teams alike truly understand the potential of these powerful technologies.

Reporting framework for ongoing refinement.

We don’t just define your funnel – we build a reporting framework that keeps your tactics, teams, and tools accountable. We work with you to build systems that are accountable, reflective, and constantly improving for maximum results.

Ongoing support when you need it most.

Marketing transformation isn’t a one-time project – it’s a constant process. Once implementation is complete, MASS stays engaged to review the performance and optimize the systems so you’ll always be one step ahead.

“MASS Engines’ process significantly improved conversations with inside sales regarding MQLs and makes it easier for us to work together to tweak programs to improve leads and get higher conversion.”

Senior Manager for Marketing Automation and Pipeline Management at Samsung Electronics
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