Fire Up Your Lead Quality | M² Live Forum

In this M² live dialogue, sales and marketing industry experts Darci Evanish (Head of Revenue Marketing, Americas | Poly) and Darren Rabie (Sales Consultant and Coach) offer first-hand perspectives on the disconnect between sales and marketing and lead real-time, interactive discussions with attendees on how to improve lead quality and grow revenue.


February 24th, 2022
11 AM ET

During these interactive discussions, we get real on the vital role marketing plays in increasing revenue. This isn’t a passive watch experience. We actively encourage participation from all participants – over chat and on mic!


Welcome to M2 – a quarterly forum series hosted by MASS Engines that helps to bridge the gap between social conversations and traditional forums and open up honest, frank conversations about the topics marketers are tackling alone.

This is not your typical forum. Mis a collective exchange happening in real-time among a community of high performing marketing professionals. It’s a forum where:

  • Your voice and problems are heard and discussed with industry professionals.
  • You make new, genuine connections.
  • You can access reputable tools and takeaways you can’t get anywhere else.

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