Managed Services Extend and Leverage MarTech

MarTech success doesn’t happen overnight, or even within a year. Extensive change management and unique technical skill sets are needed to fulfill the objectives marketing automation software is purchased to achieve – a tall order for internal marketing teams whose resources are already booked for fulfilling existing campaigns and business priorities. Add the stressors of staffing gaps and expectations to keep up with the latest digital trends, and it is easy to see why it’s critical to have a few more hands on deck. With a tight operating budget and a limited amount of experienced MarTech professionals available, hiring qualified staff can be a complicated task. You can easily outsource a specific problem to a consultancy or services firm, but consistent and proactive improvement of MarTech over the long haul necessitates a more comprehensive and budget-friendly solution.

Managed Services Providers (MSPs) can play a supportive role in companies with clear MarTech goals and practices. The right MSP can offer marketing teams the experience and commitment needed to grow and leverage MarTech consistently, without the challenge of hiring/onboarding/retaining new staff. MSPs can deal with ongoing challenges, mobilize quickly when the business is moving at a faster pace, and leverage their expertise to give informed feedback at a fractional cost of alternative options. How might a collaboration between a marketing team and MSP actually play out? Let’s look at a couple scenarios inspired by some of our experiences in the field.

Scenario 1: MSPs Provide In-House Expertise

MSPs can be a force multiplier for companies looking to augment the existing capabilities of their marketing teams. Company ABC has a full-scale internal marketing team, but their MarTech users lack technical, in-depth knowledge about how platforms work and what they can do to fully realize the company’s marketing automation goals. ABC’s marketing leaders acknowledge this technical gap and seek the help of a MarTech MSP on an ongoing basis to shore up the capabilities of their team.

Initially, the MSP works with the internal marketing team to learn their business, connect with key stakeholders, and understand their systems. Company ABC’s marketing team feels confident knowing the MSP is monitoring lead flow each week, identifying solutions and options, and that they have access to expertise when assigned deliverables and initiatives from company leadership. The ABC marketing team realizes that having access to the MSP’s knowledge of unique business methodologies is tantamount to having in-house expertise because the MSP has developed a comprehensive understanding of ABC’s business operations, and can thus respond to requests efficiently and effectively. When the marketing team is tasked by ABC leadership to report on the effectiveness of their MDF (market development funds) spend, they turn to the MSP to set up a process that will attribute revenue to marketing spend for that channel. When the marketing team is asked to enrich and integrate data coming from a newly acquired company, the MSP provides insights and options that will enable them to do so effectively.

Company ABC is able to use the consistent and ongoing support of their MSP to bolster their marketing automation practices and attain the expertise needed to take their digital marketing to the next level. The marketing team has peace of mind knowing they are ready to respond to new initiatives and requests, and procure additional resources as needed, thanks to the regular support provided by the MSP.

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Scenario 2: MSPs Maintain Capabilities While Advancing Marketing Goals

Company XYZ has well-established MarTech practices and processes developed over years of use. New leadership has stepped in with a clear sense of how they want to run their digital marketing and sales funnel. With a change in leadership, several of the company’s most experienced MarTech users are leaving the company, taking the valuable expertise needed for the company to achieve their new vision and complete the day-to-day work of marketing automation. After failing to find a suitable hire, realizing their digital agency doesn’t have the martech chops, and turning down expensive project-based services engagements, XYZ decides to explore the novel option of outsourcing to a MarTech MSP.

The MSP starts their engagement with XYZ’s internal marketing team by collaborating with staff prior to their departure to ensure a smooth transition for maintaining day-to-day marketing operations. A weekly sync is set up with the internal marketing team to develop rapport, and to determine how the MSP can help execute campaigns and database integration. With the on-boarding process complete, the MSP leverages their experience even further by engaging actively in XYZ’s digital transformation. They assume the task of updating and revising forms on their new website, standardizing and enriching a neglected marketing database, defining lead qualification rules, and gradually aligning marketing and sales. In one instance, the MSP is able to help marketing significantly lower marketing automation costs by eliminating 60,000 dead email addresses from their lists.

The MSP-approach enables company XYZ to cover staff departure in a cost-neutral way: management simply re-directs the funds they would have spent on a full-time, internal hire to a part-time, external resource. At the same time, XYZ also gains the ability to execute their digital transformation initiatives quickly and efficiently.

MarTech is More Than Just Tech

Too often, internal marketing teams lack the resources to fulfill the goals marketing automation was purchased for in the first place. A MarTech MSP can add tremendous value by providing regular and consistent support for ongoing challenges and stepping up when the business needs to accelerate marketing initiatives. The right MarTech MSP understands the unique set of business methodologies needed to get significant results, and are prepared to navigate the complexities of negotiating and influencing change when new MarTech processes are put into place. At the fractional cost of a hire, an MSP can enable your team to drive the development of your MarTech platform to reach business goals.

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