Eloqua Lead Scoring

The Intelligence behind your Revenue Success

Explicit Challenges

Large quantity of STLs - Sales "Trashed" Leads
Data inadequacy to build a LS model
The current model is complex

Implicit Challenges

Unable to realize the full value of Eloqua lead scoring
Unable to measure the model's success
Linking lead score to revenues

Companies that get lead scoring right have a 192% higher average qualification rate than those that do not.

- Aberdeen Group


Build with incremental goals

Create reporting strategy upfront

Involve your sales team early on

Be Eloqua mature

Use lead scores in CRM data integration

Build a successful Lead Scoring Model

Eloqua Lead Scoring Services SERVICES

MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads) Definition

Lead scoring programs fail when the sales team is not involved in defining the MQL. MASS works with both marketing and sales teams to establish revenue goals, business rules, and build a program that allows the sales team to focus only on high quality leads and improve conversion opportunities.

Lead Scoring Program Build-out

Based on the past lead data, analytics data, and stakeholder interviews, MASS identifies the right implicit and explicit criterions that suit your workflow and revenue goals.

Lead Scoring Reporting

MASS maps lead flow & velocity to the score distribution in order to identify opportunities to improve the performance of Lead scoring model. This is built out as a framework. However, a practical limitation is include the BANT criterions that make it perfect for the sales team.

MASS Engines

MASS Engines