Eloqua Lead Nurturing

Make or Break your Revenue Pipeline

Explicit Challenges

Current nurture program doesn't perform
Complex nurture flow
Lack of content

Implicit Challenges

Unsure of lead nurturing strategy
Justifying lead nurturing ROI
Lack of measurement criteria

Content aligned to specific buying stages drives 73% higher conversion rates

- Aberdeen Research


Define your nurturing goals – Both tangible & intangible

Build nurturing in stages
Talk to buyers personally, at scale
Move content to the assembly line
Give access to the revenue truth
Build A Successful Nurture Campaign

Eloqua Lead Nurturing Program SERVICES

Program Architecture and Design

Poor lead gen ROI is caused by lack of lead nurturing. Nurture campaigns must align with the customer’s needs as they travel along the buying cycle. MASS keeps it simple by defining your Lead nurturing program in stages so that you walk before you run.

Persona Development

The lack of understanding of purchase drivers results in unengaged leads. By defining the buyer personas MASS enables marketers to understand what makes their customer “tick,” what’s relevant to them, how they make a purchasing decision, and what their needs are.

Content Mapping

Not all assets engage all leads throughout their buyer’s journey. MASS aligns existing assets based on persona and buyers journey to ensure optimal engagement and conversions.

Campaign Deployment

MASS helps marketers orchestrate personalized, automated communications to engage with leads in all stages of the pipeline to drive additional revenue to the top line.

Campaign Monitoring

Reporting on email clicks and opens is not enough. MASS monitors and measures executing program(s) based on performing assets, and expected revenue outcomes to get a better understanding of areas of optimization.

MASS Engines

MASS Engines