Eloqua Lead Nurturing Best Practices

Keep it Simple. Build it in Stages.

Lead nurturing service providers approach best practices either at the tool (or) concept level. But the reality exists somewhere in between. A successful lead nurturing framework is built in stages.

Pre-Production Practices

Be quick win focused

Start with a goal in mind & on paper
Identify the most critical "short term" marketing need
Define success variables

Buyers define your nurture program. Not the other way round.

Define your buyer, the buying stages & their pain points
Focus on lead flow

Success begins at Home

Get sales & leadership teams involved, early on
Have a lead nurturing plan. (Rec: Monthly)


Campaign canvas and program builder can make you think lead nurturing is all about Eloqua. However, it is more about your business imperative.

Eloqua Centric Practices

Use the power of Eloqua Segmentation

Segment leads by goals (ex) Target CIOs only etc.
Have a lead scoring model feed the nurture campaign

Don't manufacture content. Custom make them.

Align content pieces to leads, based on their buying stages
Save time by re-purposing content
Content always comes before design

Start with a Welcome program

Do not have more than 3 - 5 emails in the nurture campaign
Target only the best leads by having an exclusion step


"Build it once, leads will come" - Avoid this complacency. Always monitor.

"Learn & Change" Practices

Leak Analysis

Track programs against the "success variables"
Analyze the success gap - Weekly basis
Benchmark findings
Map revenues to program performance
Optimize your Nurture Program
MASS Engines

MASS Engines