People enter your sales and marketing funnel at varying stages of readiness.

Some want to make a deal right then and there, and some are just curious about your products and services. Others are fans of your content, but don’t have the means or needs to buy (yet!).

These prospects may want different content from your company and lead nurturing system, but they have one thing in common. Everyone reading your marketing messaging wants to see something that resonates with them, instead of muddling through generic sales copy that misses their particular pain points.

Before sending your prospects to sales, they should know exactly what you have to offer – and why it matters to them.


of leads are legitimate and should advance to sales.


of leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy.Source: HubSpot

MASS Engines’ lead nurturing services taps into the power of marketing automation technology to turn curious subscribers into sales-ready buyers. We use sophisticated segmentation and personalization models to send the right messages to the right people at the right time. Together, we’ll create a lead nurture system that will make prospects fully educated and excited about your product or service.

Here’s how MASS Engines can help you set up a winning lead nurturing system:

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Build nurture programs that clarify your value to potential customers.

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Segment your messages by persona and readiness level to maximize results.

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Collect data on your lead nurturing success to refine and improve over time.

Effective lead nurturing matters for your business.

Use personalized messages that respond to data to turn marketing qualified leads (MQLs) into revenue-generating sales prospects. Here’s what other companies saw when they got lead nurturing right.

Increase in sales-ready leads.

Lower cost per sales-ready lead.Source: Forrester Research

The MASS Approach

Establish shared sales and marketing goals.

From top-of-funnel marketers to retention-focused sales reps, we work with all your stakeholders to build a lead nurture system that works. We identify personas and review data to develop a comprehensive nurture system that benefits your bottom line.

Track programs to optimize success.

Consistent growth requires regular improvement backed by testing and data. We work with you to not only create, but to improve your lead nurturing system for better results over time. We help you to consistently monitor and refine your nurture programs for continued success.

A seamless setup from MarTech experts.

We are an action-oriented team with the knowledge, experience, and tools to put your lead nurturing system into practice. From setting up segmentation to building sophisticated reporting frameworks, you can leave the technical work, enablement, and A/B testing to us.

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