There is an incredible amount of data available to today’s marketers – marketing prospect data, sales customer data, purchase lists, content syndication lists and much more.

Most B2B companies only scratch the surface of this data mine, running batch and blast campaigns based on outdated and incomplete analytics.

Lattice Engines recognizes the value of a personalized 1:1 experience. Lattice’s platform tracks more than 21,000 attributes for 200M+ companies worldwide and integrates all application data into one single place. With this single view of the customer journey, customers are able to engage target audiences via personalized messaging through multiple channels. Lattice’s AI-based platform enables customers to unify customer data into one platform, segment that account universe and create targeted micro-audiences, which can then be activated through omni-channel campaigns.

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Together with the sales and marketing transformation process from MASS, Lattice Engines’ AI-based ABM platform helps B2B marketers orchestrate a 1:1 marketing experience.

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MASS is a trusted partner for implementing and optimizing Lattice Engines. Here’s how we can support you:

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Drive powerful results with cutting edge campaigns based on advanced analytics.

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Align sales and marketing stakeholders, providing training and tools so they can use the platform effectively.

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Maximize the platform’s impact by involving all stakeholders in ongoing review and optimization.

Why does integration and training matter for your business?

Companies like Dropbox, Verizon, and Adobe use Lattice to supercharge their customer insights. Here are examples of the results companies like these have seen by using Lattice.

increased revenue per customer

fewer unqualified leads sent to salesSource: Lattice Engines

The MASS Approach

An unbeatable track record.

We have worked with multiple enterprise level companies to successfully implement and optimize the use of Lattice. No matter how many departments are involved or how complex your sales goals may seem, we have the experience and knowledge to bring it all together.

Strategies for both sales and marketing teams.

We use a change management framework to give everyone the knowledge, tools, and context they need to make the most of the platform. By defining clear-cut roles and responsibilities, we give your stakeholders the guidance and training they need to adopt the new platform.

An ROI-focused approach that works.

We put revenue first and help you get the most out of your investment. Through ongoing touch-base meetings and a strong reporting framework, we track your increased engagement and leads to get you the maximum benefit from this sophisticated tool.

“MASS Engines is one of the few agencies that sees [MarTech] from the point of view of business rather than technology. They look at it not from the bottom up based on what the technology is capable of doing, but rather from the top down focusing on the marketing and business side with an eye to how technology can support strategy.”

Senior Director of Customer Experience at Intel
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