A great demand generation campaign does little for your organization if you fall flat on the follow-through.

Why drive people to your website if you can’t engage them when they get there?

Demand generation can’t stand alone. It must fit into a full funnel, working in tandem with other marketing and sales efforts to capture qualified prospects and effectively nurture them through to a sale.

Funnel Optimization can make that happen, but only if everyone – from your demand gen team through to your salespeople – is involved in the conversation. We make sure your funnel is free from leaks, your teams are aligned, and your strategies leverage  digital buying patterns to maximize engagement.

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With funnel optimization, the MASS Engines revenue marketing team will work with you to:

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Bring everyone to the table to review your sales and marketing funnel from end to end.

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Map out your unique buyer journeys and key customer touch points.

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Use the latest technology and B2B conversion optimization techniques to revolutionize your funnel.

What does it mean to “revolutionize your funnel” with MASS Engines?

When you work with MASS Engines, your sales and marketing funnels will be:


Each buyer is different, so why send them the same messages? Our MarTech experts will help you set up personalized journeys for different buyer personas to ensure you’re sending the right messages to the right people at the right time.


Buyer expectations have changed. We make sure your content exceeds your prospect’s expectations, taking advantage of latest MarTech technologies to develop a deeply personalized digital buyer journey that is easy to deploy, measure and refine over time.


Align sales and marketing teams with a reporting framework that prioritizes qualified leads and bottom-line results. We help you get everyone working towards the same goal, connecting marketing automation with your CRM for a full picture of your success.

“MASS Engines was able to identify the set of activities that indicate potential future opportunities, including a timeline for influencing those contacts so that they could accelerate the time-to-opportunity window.”

Director of Marketing Automation at Return Path

The MASS Approach

A big-picture, comprehensive mindset.

Instead of focusing on one team or optimizing a single campaign, we give you best practices to fundamentally improve your growth from end to end. We work with all sales and marketing stakeholders to map out and optimize your funnel with an eye on overall results.

Strategic minds with Martech expertise.

Our multifaceted team combines business analysis, marketing automation, and CRM to revolutionize your funnel. Our team does it all, from establishing an optimization plan and setting it in motion to setup, enablement, and reporting.

Focus on the right measurements and goals.

Don’t get hung up on opens and likes from unqualified buyers and start focusing on efforts that drive real conversions. We help you measure the velocity of leads as they move through the funnel, using data to identify leaks and creating a seamless customer experience.

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