Full Circle Insights is a popular Salesforce application which provides a straightforward, attribution-based reporting structure.

Its focus on the funnel, known as “pipeline analytics,” helps Salesforce users capture data and turn it into clear insights.

But what if Salesforce isn’t the only system capturing data for your business? Can Full Circle Insights be used in conjunction with your marketing automation software? Will it work within your closed-loop reporting structure?

Pipeline analytics from Full Circle Insights can do all this and more, but only if it’s properly integrated with your system to capture every piece of data. MASS Engines is a trusted Martech consulting agency ready to help you get Full Circle Insights up and running quickly and effectively in a way that benefits sales and marketing alike.

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How MASS Engines supports you in the implementation and optimization of Full Circle Insights:

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Marketing operations strategy that enables responses to data.

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Enhanced technical consulting to ensure all data is being captured effectively.

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Training for key stakeholders so they are able to effectively use reporting.

Many companies struggle to find a model that offers a full view of the sales funnel. By integrating pipeline analytics tools, we help companies fix incomplete databases and funnel leaks.


of marketers say they have data-driven marketing initiatives that are achieving significant results.Source: Forbes Insight and Turn


of B2B marketing professionals state that a lack of quality data is their biggest barrier to lead generation.Source: BrightTALK (2015)

Companies which succeed in putting data at the center of their marketing can expect to see major improvements in their performance. Research shows that those who use data and analytics effectively can expect to see a 15-20% increase in marketing ROI and achieve 34% higher conversion rates. (Source: Invoca) Pipeline analytics applications can be a game-changer for businesses like yours.

Why choose MASS Engines to help you make the most of Full Circle Insights?

We bring everyone to the table.

Sales and marketing alignment requires more than just software. Our collaborative process involves all stakeholders to develop better systems and reporting frameworks, allowing for end-to-end insights and adoption.

We help you respond to data effectively.

MASS Engines takes a true partnership approach, sharing valuable best practices to help your sales and marketing teams capture and use data more effectively.

We integrate platforms to maximize data.

No campaign, traffic source, or customer data point will be left behind with MASS Engines’ comprehensive approach. We make sure every piece of data flows seamlessly so you can get a complete picture of your performance.

“MASS Engines has the ability to to look at marketing automation as a strategic marketing capability and how it fits into the organization as well as how it supports business objectives.”

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