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Transform your passive digital footprint into an engaging, interactive and proactive presence that effortlessly adapts to changing behaviours regardless of channel.  Get ready to maximize your conversions and increase the velocity of each lead through your funnel by applying the most effective tactics to each stage.

Engage services include:

  1. Adaptive Nurture: Attract and win over buyers by continually influencing them with always-on, personalized and targeted multi-channel nurture. We help you categorize prospects by persona and buyer journey stage at the first point of interaction allowing an ideal nurture path for each prospect. All future interactions become tailored to personalize individual experiences based on level of interest and engagement. Websites, landing pages and content adapt for each individual lead, creating an immersive experience with your brand.
  2. Directed Growth: It’s time to revolutionize your funnel. We drill down into all aspects of your funnel to obtain full visibility into how your leads move through the funnel.  Then, we help you establish benchmarks and reporting around speed of movement through each stage, drop-off factors, influential content and optimal engagement based on each persona’s interaction with your brand.  Together, we build a comprehensive approach that systematically optimizes and accelerates the journey of each persona, providing you with full control over your funnel, and ultimately, directed growth.
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