Eloqua Technology Services

Engineer your Revenue Creation

Tactical Challenges

Marketing team needn’t write/fix codes
Lack of in-house expertise
Multiple systems, workflows and teams add to complexity

Strategic Challenges

Unclear goals
Lack of best practices & a roadmap
Unable to measure the cost / revenue impact

Increased complexity calls for experience and skills in deploying and integrating disparate systems

- Annuitas


Build technology to suit your business goals

Always think long term
Keep setup & integration simple
Introduce a QA culture
Build a reporting infrastructure
Train & empower marketing teams to be tech-savvy
Simplify your Marketing Technology

Eloqua Technology Services SERVICES

Technical Audit

Errors in Eloqua configuration can result in lost revenue. MASS audits and uncovers areas for optimization and provides a road map for handling technical interdependencies and the flow of data between all internal systems.

Database Configuration

MASS focuses on building clean, segmented, and structurally sound contact data and optimally configures the Eloqua database to achieve 2 revenue goals: 1) facilitate lead flow and 2) accelerate lead velocity.

Custom Development of Cloud Connectors

MASS works with your marketing team to understand the mission critical needs and identifies place holders for cloud connectors in the business workflow, and if needed designs, develops, and deploys custom cloud applications.

Integration with API and Non API services

There are 2 ways to approach Eloqua systems integration – a) through APIs b) without them. MASS implements a robust API infrastructure only when there is a justified business need. The non API services framework can be nimble, easy to manage and fits in to the critical goal path.

MASS Engines

MASS Engines