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Struggling to get real results from your marketing automation investment?

With help from MarTech experts who know the ins and outs of Eloqua, you can take the right steps to get the most value from your system.

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Eloqua Consulting

Hire a team of knowledgeable Eloqua consultants who work directly with your marketing team to create a custom Eloqua setup that aligns with your company’s goals. Whether you need implementation and training, want to build and test winning campaigns or improve your lead management process, we can help you maximize your marketing automation results.

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Eloqua Implementation

Implement Oracle’s Eloqua for better results right away. We combine Oracle’s SmartStart™ methodology with our change management approach to clarify goals, provide comprehensive training from Eloqua experts, and manage the technical setup and ongoing maintenance so you can drive measurable Eloqua results for the long term.

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Eloqua Database Management

Supercharge your database management.  We help you clean up your current database and remove redundant data, making it easier to gain insights that matter. Then, we standardize it with clear, relevant categories and enrich the reporting framework to respond to data in real-time, ensuring every customer touchpoint is tracked on an ongoing basis.

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Eloqua Reporting

Utilize reporting structures that deliver the insights you need to connect leads to revenue. We help you gain a clear understanding of the most important KPIs and develop a marketing automation system that responds to your data, so your teams have the full picture of which efforts are driving the most leads.

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Eloqua Lead Management

Understand, nurture, and grow your leads.  We help you to define and qualify every prospect, send leads to the right people at the right time, and measure and refine your funnel to use the platform to its full capacity.

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Eloqua Lead Scoring

Unlock the potential of Eloqua’s lead scoring technology. We work with you to create an Eloqua lead scoring framework that breaks down the silos between sales and marketing, connects with your revenue goals, and gets buy-in from all stakeholders.

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Eloqua Personalization

Cut through the noise with highly customized marketing sequences. Develop campaigns that speak to each prospect’s problems and needs, get your prospects conversion-ready, and identify and automate upsell opportunities.

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