When you deploy a marketing campaign, countless data points are collected.

Each prospect leaves clues about their needs, position, and interest level as they move through the funnel – what they click on, how long they linger on a page, where they are visiting from, and so much more.

Yet, when sales receives a lead through marketing streams, all this data seems to disappear. Sales is forced to start learning about the prospect from scratch, despite the fact that marketing holds valuable insights on what each buyer wants and why.

It’s time to connect the dots between sales and marketing with a collaborative system that reveals end-to-end insights. MASS helps you seamlessly integrate Eloqua with Salesforce CRM, providing sales with instant access to lead and engagement data while showing marketing which tactics lead to higher opportunity and close rates. This newly integrated system will align your teams around a measurable funnel roadmap, driving better leads for bottom-line results.

With Salesforce Eloqua integration from MASS Engines:

  • Sales gets a deeper understanding of every prospect, accessing the insights they need to close the deal.
  • Marketing learns what happens to the leads they generate, shifting the focus from lead volume to lead quality.
  • Strategies become based on comprehensive data, clarifying which marketing efforts drive the best leads.
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“We now have a fully accountable system that tracks every MQL that marketing generates  through the funnel with details such as date in each stage, who touched it, what actions were required and what happened.”

Senior Manager for Marketing Automation and Pipeline Management at Samsung Electronics

Marketing automation and CRM integration can improve your sales and marketing alignment, producing a surge in effectiveness, growth, and ROI:

Faster overall revenue growth.Source: SiriusDecisions

Higher sales-win rates.Source: Act-On/Gleanster

MASS Engines is a leading Eloqua Salesforce Integration partner dedicated to setting your business up for success. Here’s how our approach helps you make real, measurable improvements to your entire marketing and sales system:

Alignment Icon

Sales and marketing alignment from the inside out.

Just because you integrate your CRM with your marketing automation software doesn’t mean your company will immediately master sales and marketing alignment. We take a change management approach to our integrations, involving real people and a collaborative approach to create solutions that work.

Top and Mid Funnel Insights Icon

Customer-centric solutions that fix leaky funnels.

We don’t just integrate Eloqua with Salesforce - we help you better understand how they work together with real buyer scenarios. We look at the sum of the parts, understanding every sales goal, marketing campaign, and stage in your funnel to create a complete and well-measured system.

Improving Lead Management Processes Icon

Technical expertise at every step.

From initial implementation to ongoing maintenance, our Eloqua and Salesforce implementation experts will support you every step of the way. We’ll help you with set up, data synchronization, training, and more to allow for a quick and seamless integration.

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