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The buyer journey for your typical customer is anything but simple.

Between organic content, paid search, social media, email marketing and more, most people connect with your brand at least 6-8 times before becoming viable sales lead (Source: Yet many companies continue to use simplistic reporting structures which ignore higher-funnel insights and lose sight of what’s actually working for their business.


of marketers are employing analytics to measure marketing ROI for all marketing engagement.Source:


of marketers cannot measure and report on the contribution of programs to their business.Source:

Eloqua reporting from MASS Engines uses advanced attribution modeling which gives a clear value to each touch on the buyer’s journey. This advanced data collection includes insights from both your marketing automation platform and your CRM, allowing you to completely understand your marketing performance while helping your sales teams to respond to each inquiry in a personalized way.

We help you to develop:

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A clear understanding of the most important KPIs,

using attribution modeling and closed-loop reporting to get the deepest insights possible.

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A marketing automation system that responds to your data,

automatically sending the highest performing messages to targeted groups for the best results.

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A unified reporting framework that aligns sales and marketing goals,

keeping your analytics transparent, actionable and connected to revenue.

“With the attribution reporting put in place by MASS Engines, every MQL is trackable through the funnel with details such as date in each stage, who touched it, what actions were required and what happened. We now have a fully accountable system that tracks every MQL that marketing generates.”

Senior Manager for Marketing Automation and Pipeline Management at Samsung Electronics

Why closed-loop reporting?

With closed-loop reporting, campaign response data from Eloqua is automatically combined with customer information in your Salesforce CRM. By synchronizing the data from these two powerful platforms, you’ll better understand who your leads are and where they came from. This information will help sales increase their close rate and give marketing a full picture of which efforts are driving the most leads.

With Eloqua reporting from MASS Engines, the whole funnel is at your fingertips. We help you to define the KPIs which really matter and apply insights in a meaningful way.


  • Who is checking out your business and why?
  • Which content and advertising are driving the most traffic?
  • Is that traffic staying engaged?


  • Why are people making contact with your business?
  • Which methods are people using to find, contact, and convert to paying customers?
  • Which marketing efforts play a role in conversions?


  • What is the buyer journey from first touch to conversion?
  • How quickly do people move through the marketing funnel?
  • What data about an individual conversion can be gathered to  inform the nurture and sales processes?

The MASS Approach

Here’s how we revolutionize your reporting structure for the next generation of insights:

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Get everyone involved.

Aligning sales and marketing data only works if those departments are discussing the outcomes together. We open lines of communication between these teams from the start so they have the agility and strategic understanding to use reporting insights the right way.

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Use data effectively.

We host business strategy discussions to understand your goals, methods, and your overall sales and marketing funnels. We work with you to define the most important measurements at each stage in the buyer journey and customize the reporting model to work for all stakeholders.

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Build a better system.

If Eloqua can do it, MASS Engines can set it up. Our experts know the technical side of Eloqua reporting. We help you to make a plan, then implement swift and meaningful changes that optimize your reporting structure across all channels.

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