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Every lead is unique, why aren’t the messages they receive? Introducing the true power of Eloqua.

Customers and prospects are different, so why should they all receive the same messaging? Cut through the noise with highly customized marketing sequences that speak to each prospect’s problems and needs.

Eloqua personalization enables you to tailor each engagement by responding to a multitude of data points, allowing your marketing automation platform to deploy the right marketing messages to the right people at the right time.

Our Eloqua experts can help make this happen. We work with you to develop custom nurture streams that speak to each buyer persona and funnel stage in your business. Our team takes care of the set up, programming Eloqua to align with your buyer journey and measure results. Together, we will personalize and revolutionize your sales funnel.

Here’s How Personalization Can Make a Difference in Your Marketing:

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Create campaigns that speak to your audience.

You have so many great selling points - how do you share the right benefits with the right people? Increase engagement and drive action by directly addressing each buyer’s individual pain points and values.

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Get your prospects conversion-ready.

When your messaging properly addresses the things that matter to a prospect, they start listening. Use the latest technology to turn casually interested marketing qualified leads into a ready-to-buy sales qualified leads.

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Identify and automate upselling opportunities.

Are you maximizing the value of your current customer base? Build and maintain your relationships with current and past customers by finding upsell opportunities, sending messages that matter, and automating strong brand relationships.

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Move beyond cookie cutter templates and stand out from your competition. Here’s how MASS Engines makes Eloqua personalization work:

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Step One:
We build a strategy that aligns with your sales and marketing goals.

At MASS Engines, we are serious about strategy. We have clear, metrics-driven conversations with your marketing and sales teams to build out data-driven buyer personas and funnel stages that align with Eloqua’s personalization technologies.

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Step Two:
We optimize Eloqua to capture and report the right data.

We look into the backend of your marketing automation platform and integrated technology, making sure you are set up to capture the right buyer profile and engagement information.

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Step Three:
Your Eloqua streams are set up, measured, and optimized.

We don’t do “set it and forget it” solutions. Our comprehensive process is designed to make sure your Eloqua personalization increases engagement and sales.  We not only set you up to use personalization technology, we help you to measure and improve your funnel stages and messaging until they work for your business.

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“MASS Engines helped us not only do the foundational work to get the Eloqua instance set up properly, but also helped us visualize the potential of what was possible with this powerful tool.”

Senior Director of Customer Experience at Intel
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