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You have access to an incredible amount of digital data about your prospects.

Every click, action, and engagement holds valuable information that can be used to close a sale.

But how do you get that information to the right people in the right way? How do you turn piles of seemingly meaningless user data into actionable insights that actually increase sales? Many companies struggle to provide their sales team with the right information at the right time.

of marketers don't know whether their efforts resulted in closed-won deals.Source: Hubspot (2017)

of marketers report their lead generation efforts are only slightly or somewhat effective.Source: BrightTALK (2015)

Eloqua Lead Scoring can be an effective solution for these challenges – but only if it’s implemented correctly. Inconsistent rollout and lack of technical expertise can complicate the process, making it difficult for sales and marketing team members to use the platform effectively. At MASS Engines, we’re here to help make your sales and marketing easier, not harder.

Together, we will create an Eloqua Lead Scoring framework that:

  • Builds alignment between sales and marketing, giving your demand generation and lead generation teams an understanding of what a Sales Qualified Lead really looks like.
  • Stays accountable with regular reporting and refinement, allowing for better insights and strategies as time goes on.
  • Connects with your revenue goals, providing data that truly impacts your bottom line.
  • Gets buy-in from your employees, so everyone from sales and marketing can make the most of this new technology together.

The Eloqua experts at MASS Engines can make this happen.

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Taking advantage of Lead Scoring technology just makes sense. Here are some of the results companies like yours see when they get lead scoring right.

Boost in lead generation ROISource: Marketing Sherpa

Higher lead to opportunity conversion ratesSource: Kentico

Want similar results? Here are just a few reasons why MASS Engines’ expertise is trusted by hundreds of companies like yours.

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Strong focus on reporting and measurement.

At MASS, we’re interested in solutions that work. We create a revenue-centric reporting framework upfront, putting every tactic under the microscope to make sure you’re getting the most out of your marketing automation investment.

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Unbeatable Eloqua expertise.

Our founder and many of our talented staff helped build the original Eloqua marketing automation platform. We know Lead Scoring inside and out, and can’t wait to help you make it work for your business.

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Solutions that fit your systems.

Turn your Lead Scoring platform from a siloed side project into a fully integrated solution everyone can get excited about. Our process is designed to boost buy-in from your teams, integrate with your current CRM, and work seamlessly within your business structure.

“With MASS Engines’ lead scoring framework, we were able to build a program that allows the sales team to focus only on high-quality leads and improve conversion opportunities. The results exceeded our expectations.”

Director of Marketing Automation at Return Path
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