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When you invested in the Eloqua marketing automation platform, you probably heard some exciting metrics.

You want the platform to do the same for you – drive huge ROI boosts, increase qualified leads, and eliminate redundancies.

But right out of the box, Eloqua can’t fully manage, measure or even define your leads. To be successful, your company must first align sales and marketing goals, establish what a qualified lead looks like, and build systems to make the most of your marketing initiatives.

You don’t just need software – you need strategy.

Did you know?

Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost. (Source: Smart Insights)

More sales ready leads

Lower cost

With Eloqua lead management from MASS Engines, you can tap into the experience of our marketing automation experts to better understand how you can qualify, route, and nurture your leads. We work with you to create a comprehensive system that uses Eloqua to its full capacity, helping your company reach its goals.

After working with MASS Engines, your whole team will know exactly how to manage, nurture, and drive leads for your business. With lead management strategy, we help you to:

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Define and qualify every prospect.

We align your teams, standardize your goals, and understand the reality of your sales funnel. It’s time for your sales and marketing teams to get together and build something that works.

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Send leads to the right people at the right time.

Everyone has a role to play in closing a lead. We identify who is responsible at each stage of the funnel, developing lead nurturing best practices and internal communications strategies for continuous improvement.

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Manage, measure and refine your funnel.

In marketing, “set it and forget it” never works. We leverage powerful measuring tools, involving your team to standardize data collection across sales and marketing. At MASS Engines, we care about your results.

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Our Lead Management Services Include:

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Sales Alignment Consulting

For any lead management project, we start by helping your sales and marketing teams to speak the same language. We work collaboratively with each individual and department to define the stages of your sales and marketing funnel, developing a results-oriented lead qualification and nurturing model that everyone agrees to and aligns with each of your business goals and processes.

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Eloqua Lead Routing

Make the most of your team with a clearly defined lead routing system from MASS Engines. After consulting with key team members, we put together a plan of action that addresses each stage in your marketing and sales funnels. We then work with you to define roles and responsibilities with growth in mind. Our marketing automation experts work in tandem with your new marketing strategy, programming Eloqua and your CRM to enable your newly defined lead routing system.

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Funnel Reporting

We identify the most important metrics early on, setting up Eloqua to capture the numbers you need to improve performance. Then, we work with key stakeholders to define reporting requirements and formalize the most critical KPIs. With a robust system for continued data collection and reporting, we set you up with the tools and expertise to continue improving your results.

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Lead Qualification

Together, we spell out clear criteria for leads that align with both sales and marketing goals. We clarify strategies to move leads through the funnel, attracting and nurturing the right prospects at the right time to increase conversions.

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Lead Nurturing

Whether it’s new prospects or past customers, there a lot of people moving through your funnel. MASS Engines helps you develop and implement the right nurture framework to connect with your unique target audience. We set up your lead management system to enable, measure, and enhance your lead nurture program, creating feedback loops that enable ongoing enhancements and drive revenue growth.

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MASS Engines is an Eloqua agency dedicated to long-term success.

Our approach to Eloqua lead management is straightforward, strategic, and comprehensive. Here’s how our team of experts gets results from your marketing automation platform.

Build with incremental goals.

Your marketing and sales departments have a lot of strengths – superstar employees, proven strategies, and a vision for the future. We amplify the strategies which are working in your company and fill in the missing pieces, introducing new tools and systems and measuring them every step of the way.

Prioritizing sales and marketing alignment.

Siloed processes lead to siloed solutions, and countless leads get lost along the way. We break down the barriers between sales and marketing and make sure everyone has a seat at the table. This allows us to create a system that everyone can get excited about.

Maximizing your CRM with Eloqua integration.

Fill your CRM with sales qualified leads using Eloqua’s powerful personalization, targeting, and data collection capabilities. We seamlessly integrate marketing automation and customer relationship management tools, nurturing leads and collecting data so your sales teams can close more customers in less time.

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