Eloqua Systems Integration

Revenue Mission Critical

Tactical Challenges

Extremely technical & IT teams dependent
Cloud connectors slow down the lead flow
Poor sales follow ups due to weak Eloqua CRM integration

Strategic Challenges

Wrapping systems around your process work flow
Difference in objectives
Hidden & opportunity costs of Eloqua Integration

It is a "lost revenue opportunity", if the lead transfer window is more than 15 mins

- Sirius Decision


Focus on Ease of management

Let the business logic determine the integration rules
Don't let any integration rule slow down the "Speed to Lead"
Define a lead transfer SLA between sales & marketing
Justify the Eloqua integration ROI
Discuss your Eloqua Integration Needs

Eloqua Integration Services SERVICES

Process Consulting

MASS fills in the IT gap in your marketing team and ensures all business processes are defined and documented, and workflows are optimized based on lead flow automation.

API Construction

The increase of different software in the marketing stack is creating a demand for systemic communication between Eloqua and 3rd party systems. MASS works with the exposed API’s from third party systems to integrate the flow of digital body language and data.

Eloqua & CRM Integration

The integration between Eloqua and your CRM can significantly impact revenue. MASS focuses on the tightest possible integration by optimizing the underlying systems and rules engines for the transfer of demographic, behavioral, and sales data between Eloqua and CRM solutions like SFDC.

Custom App Development

Non-standard business needs require custom app development. MASS will empower your marketing organization to meet business needs by designing, developing, and deploying custom cloud applications.

MASS Engines

MASS Engines