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Implementing Eloqua requires more than just technical expertise.

You need to make sure the platform is actually used by your marketing teams. But how do you get your teams motivated and engaged with the new program when you’re busy with the technical set up?

You need an onboarding plan that gets your marketing team excited about the new system while it’s being implemented, not months or years afterwards. You need clear and detailed training that provides each stakeholder with the right skills and mindset to get started. You need Eloqua to work seamlessly with your other marketing technologies, making sure glitches don’t get in the way of the critical adoption process.

At MASS Engines, we are experts in Eloqua implementation. Using Oracle’s highly recommended SmartStart methodology, our team handles key technical tasks and builds high-performing templates for your first marketing campaigns. Then, we use a change management approach to train and engage your stakeholders. By the end of the SmartStart process, you’ll have a clear vision, a deployed system, and a fully trained team ready to use Eloqua for the long term.

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Here’s how MASS Engines helps you succeed in your Eloqua Implementation:

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Motivate stakeholder adoption with comprehensive training from Eloqua experts.

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Build a data culture in your organization by clarifying goals and enabling measurement.

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Manage technical setup and ongoing maintenance to keep Eloqua running smoothly.

Effective Eloqua implementation matters for your business.

Getting Eloqua can be a game-changer for your business, but only if the platform is used effectively. When companies invest in marketing automation for their companies, they report seeing major increases to lead volume, quality, and conversion rates. Expert implementation from MASS Engines can help you see these results quickly and build on this success over time.

of marketing automation users reported an increase in number of leads.

of marketing automation users reported an increase in conversions.Source: VentureBeat

The MASS Approach

Focus on business goals and reporting.

When you force people to use a new tool with no real explanation, skepticism and confusion quickly follow. Our approach empowers your teams. We explain exactly how Eloqua will help them reach their goals, then implement reporting to monitor results and keep each tactic accountable over time.

Roll out Eloqua in incremental steps.

We use a proven model for technology adoption, working with your teams step-by-step to fully embrace your new platform. Our approach helps you identify and train your sales and marketing teams, providing a clear framework so nothing falls through the cracks.

Manage the details for a seamless setup.

Data migration? Check. Templates for email campaigns? Check. Ready-made reports? You bet! We get everything ready to go , taking care of your analytics, branding, and integration with other tools. Plus, our ongoing support ensures you’ll never get stuck on a technical glitch.

“MASS Engines helped us not only do the foundational work to get the Eloqua instance set up properly, but also helped us visualize the potential of what was possible with this powerful tool.”

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