Eloqua Implementation

Crucial First Step in Revenue Creation

Implicit Challenges

Unfamiliar with Eloqua
Setting up Eloqua processes
Scalability issues

Explicit Challenges

Building a strategy for Eloqua operations
Mapping Eloqua efforts to revenues
Lack of a data culture & reporting mechanism

Marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead.

- Nucleus Research


Define the 2 drivers of implementation - Business goals & reporting

Incrementally roll out Eloqua

Build a strong systems architecture

Focus on lead qualification

Empower in-house teams through knowledge transfer

Get Eloqua Implementation Right

Eloqua Implementation Services SERVICES

Implementation Audit

Most campaigns that do not deliver expected revenue have an issue with the way Eloqua was implemented. MASS audits the Eloqua database, its set up path, underlying business goals and uncovers the bad seeds before they could be fixed.

Branding and Deliverability Setup

Poor branding and deliverability results in weak in-box placement, and low deliverability scores. MASS works with your marketing organization to warm your new IP address and to configure your new Eloqua instance for maximum email deliverability & engagement.

Change Management

Revenue growth can only happen when marketing organizations use the full capabilities of Eloqua. MASS introduces the marketing-sales leaders and stake holders to a data culture, a closed loop methodology and continuous improvement approach.

MASS Engines

MASS Engines