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Eloqua ROI

Maximized annual revenues by $75,000 by automating a customer nurture program
Realized $45,000 annual cost savings by achieving a cleaner Eloqua database

Better Leads

Improved lead generation by 30% resulting in 1,000 additional leads
Better Lead scoring: Reduced MQLs by 67% while retaining same number of SQLs


Customer retention, satisfaction.
Eloqua Projects
Enterprise Customers
Marketing and sales processes aligned

“…rare folks who can understand both the deepest technical challenges and also the high level business reasons for why a strategy is important.”

Steve Woods, CTO, Eloqua

Campaign Success

Doubled campaign response rate by implementing predictive targeting
Executed perfect personalization by replacing 1000+ PPC landing pages with just one
Delivered localized nurture campaigns in 11 languages and time zones

Cleaner Data & Systems

Achieved campaign targeting by reducing field data errors by 50%
Improved lead segmentation by standardizing data across 40 forms into 4 templates

“....knowledgeable about Marketing Automation best practices and systems architecture.”

Nic Zangre, eMarketing Manager, FAST (Microsoft subsidiary)

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