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It’s no secret that clear, standardized data is at the center of successful B2B marketing campaigns.

From validating ROI to refining sales tactics, a strong database can make or break your sales and marketing strategy.

Many marketing teams find themselves overwhelmed by a database that’s drowning in inconsistent measurements, duplicate entries, and vanity metrics. Ignoring this problem is an expensive mistake. When it comes to marketing, guesswork doesn’t get you very far.

of marketers say enriching contact data quality is their most significant barrier to achieving email marketing success.

of B2B marketing professionals state that a lack of quality data is their biggest barrier to lead generation.Source: HubSpot

When your data is a mess, fixing it can feel like an impossible feat. How do you clean up misaligned systems so account data is standardized across your departments? What segmentation structure will help you gain insights and drive leads for your marketing? It can be difficult to know where to start, and even harder to get everyone on board with a system for future data integrity.

MASS Engines helps you put data first in your marketing strategy and gives you the tools to measure and improve every tactic you try. We work with you to clean up your current database and filter out redundant data elements to allow for meaningful insights. Then, we standardize and enrich your system so that every customer touchpoint is tracked on an ongoing basis.

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Our Data Management Services Include:

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Data Cleansing

Inaccurate data leads to misinformed marketing and sales teams. Our MarTech experts will clear out the corrupt data in your system, creating a user-friendly database that accurately captures your audience.

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Data Enrichment

Move beyond names and phone numbers to truly understand your prospects. MASS  enriches your lead information, extracting critical new details from internal and externals databases to enable highly targeted, personalized messaging.

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When critical details like locations or titles are spelled differently in your database, it can become impossible to send out targeted messages.  We make your database usable again – cleaning up historical data and standardizing all future data entries – so you can maximize audience reach.

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Duplicate entries are one of the biggest challenges for data integrity. Our experts will review your existing database to clear out redundancies, saving you time while maximizing campaign effectiveness.

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Marketing Operations Consulting

A clear database only matters if your team knows how to use it. We empower your sales and marketing stakeholders to take ownership of a refined, sophisticated database,  building a data culture that maximizes the Eloqua’s effectiveness.

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The MASS Approach

Build alignment.

When marketing and sales teams are looking at different metrics in different places, they lose sight of the bigger picture. We create an integrated system that connects your marketing automation data with your CRM and allows for long-term insights and short-term sales successes.

Get clear on KPI’s.

Collecting data is one thing – but analyzing it is an entirely different challenge. We help you cut through irrelevant metrics to understand which data points really matter for your ROI. Together, we will establish reporting best practices that reveal the results you need to continually improve your system.

Refine data flow.

Our marketing automation experts will make sure data is moving smoothly from your marketing channels through to your database. We take care of the technical setup and train your team members to continue making data collection a priority with each new campaign.

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