Eloqua Database Management

Lifeblood of All Revenue Initiatives

Tactical Challenges

Unusable data
Missing data
Multiple data sources

Strategic Challenges

Keeping data revenue ready
Ongoing data maintenance
Controlling data decay

“An organization with a strong commitment to data quality can produce nearly 70% more revenues than one with only average data-quality procedures”

- Sirius Decisions


Apply the 1-10-100 rule of data

$1 – Prevention cost
$10 – Correction cost
$100 - Wasted time and missed opportunities cost

Understand the good & bad of your current database

Put the marketing data where it belongs - in Eloqua

Always keep data campaign-ready

Separate data from mission critical data

Get your Database Audited

Eloqua Database Management & Audit SERVICES

Data Cleansing

Inaccurate data or duplicate contact records can impact engagement rates to the overall reach of your campaigns. MASS brings value to your data by gradually removing your incorrect, inaccurate, and irrelevant data and setting up processes to maintain data quality.

Data Standardization

Common data fields (like job role, industry, persona) must be consistent to be usable. MASS tackles this issue where it is captured, further standardizes it and sets up processes to keep your future data standardized.

Data Appending and Enrichment

Outdated or missing contact information lowers deliver ability, conversions, campaign results, and revenue. MASS benchmarks the impact of bad data on your conversion rates, updates inaccurate data through third party data sources or optimizing forms with progressive profiling.

Data Capture

Many campaigns fail because of a lack of demographic information. To make your campaigns successful, MASS creates a data capture framework that prompts leads to provide information at the right time in the engagement process.

Data Integration

Data integration can be a revenue roadblock if the marketing team is not accustomed to technical work. MASS can implement, modify 3rd party and standard Eloqua Integrations. Most importantly, MASS empowers your team with data training and documentation.

Data Migration

Transferring critical marketing data from non-Eloqua platforms into Eloqua can be complex. MASS Engines knows that the marketing data is precious. MASS analyzes your current platform data, formulates a plan for migration, and make your database revenue ready.

MASS Engines

MASS Engines