Eloqua Campaign Deployment

Right Brain Aspect of Revenue Creation

Explicit Challenges

Batch & blast emails with no personalization
Resource shortage to execute campaigns
Inadequate content

Implicit Challenges

Lack of content planning
Tying campaign efforts to revenues
Linking individual assets to marketing goals

Relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails.

- Juniper Research


Set up the campaign infrastructure first

Create structured campaign framework & content map
Let content drive the design, not the other way
Implement personalized programs
Optimize campaign success
Execute Profitable Eloqua Campaigns

Eloqua Campaign Deployment Services SERVICES

Content Audit

As a first structured step, MASS will review existing content map against personas and buying cycles to highlight content strengths and uncover opportunities for creating new content and re-purposing existing content.

Content Development

Content that does not engage leads will result in low performing campaigns. MASS creates assets like emails, Landing pages, forms, that are easy to consume, are aligned with buyer personas, and buying cycles.

Program Design

MASS works with your marketing team to define the campaign architecture and automate the logical steps to optimally communicate with leads and customers.

Component Creation

Landing pages, emails, and forms are needed to communicate with the leads in a campaign. MASS creates the various campaign components to ensure optimal deliverability, engagement and conversion.

MASS Engines

MASS Engines