Accountable for results. Not just activities.

Discover companies like yours who have seen measurable results.  Working with MASS Engines helps you realize the key benefits of MarTech: operationalized lead processing, detailed insights into the funnel, improved lead generation, and above all, the ability to associate marketing spends with revenue outcomes.


Marketing Automation Case Study


Discover how we're transforming the Enterprise Lead generation space and find out more about the framework we built for Intel to relaunch its marketing automation.

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Attribution Reporting for Samsung Powered by MASS Engines


Discover how MASS Engines created a huge impact on Samsung's funnel through attribution reporting. MASS Engines helped Samsung successfully implement an attribution reporting model to accurately track MQL conversion points, velocity, and source.

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Eloqua Implementation Case Study - Informa Engage

Informa Engage

Discover how MASS Engines led an award-winning implementation of a marketing automation solution for Informa Engage.

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Pipeline Marketing Case Study

Return Path

Discover how MASS Engines helped Return Path embrace pipeline marketing and optimized funnel conversions for powerful results and top line revenue of $280,000 a year (with ROI of 6,397%).

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