Eloqua Cloud Connectors

Keep it out of your critical sales path

Eloqua cloud connector apps ecosystem has been growing at a rapid pace - whether it is to improve data management, integrate Eloqua with other inbound channels like webinar, social media, SMS etc., or any other custom business case.

Assess if your business needs cloud connector apps at all

If the business needs aren't compelling, do not implement cloud connectors

Understand the limitations of cloud connectors

Know the reality of data transfer volume & speed restrictions
Keep cloud connector integration out of the critical business path


At times, delay in lead transfer to CRM may be as long as 2 days. Can the sales team afford this lead latency & curbed revenue opportunities?

Cloud connector implementation requires IT expertise.

Don’t restrict to in-house IT expertise
Identify a team that is both business & tech savvy

Cloud Connectors are great at:

Data normalization - fields & values on forms, campaigns, contacts
Custom apps – Aligned to your own process workflows
Implement Eloqua cloud connectors
MASS Engines

MASS Engines