Eloqua Closed Loop Reporting

Creating a Single View of Revenues

Closed Loop Reporting (CLR) is a much talked about but a fairly less used aspect of Eloqua.

Barriers to CLR adaption

It is a commitment to change management

Either a mindset or a capacity issue
Needs marketing & sales leadership buy in
Inadequate visibility in to the benefits

Technical pre-requisites

A leak-proof CRM integration of Eloqua
An understanding of data flow b/w systems
A team for Maintenance


Marketing teams are more willing to invest into CLR than Sales teams.

The How part of CLR

Associate "Assets" (emails, Landing pages, forms etc.) with campaigns

Uncover the good & bad of individual assets
Report on their individual performance

Tie campaigns to revenues

Pass campaign associations to your CRM
Track campaign responses in your Eloqua reports
Identify the most influential campaigns
Measure the cost of each lead

Empower the marketing team

Give them the "never-had" access to revenue, ROI & importantly, their contribution


Most companies fail here, having a skewed view of the truth. (One campaign associated to some $bn revenues)

Closed Loop Reporting best practices

Let the experienced ones roll out your CLR programs
Create a committee involving sales, marketing stakeholders
Set up Eloqua - CRM integration the right way
Give it at least 4 months to set up the first version
Discover how to create successful CLR
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