MASS Engines for Operations

Spend less time building reports, and more time delivering value.

Total visibility, for leaders and teams across sales, marketing, and the C-suite. See the full picture of every marketing and sales campaign so it’s clear what’s making the most impact.


improvement in MQL to Opportunity rate


increase in marketing pipeline contribution


increase in marketing contribution to revenue

MASS Engines for Operations

Align marketing to revenue. Know what campaigns, messaging, and channels contribute to winning deals so you can double down on what works.


Find blindspots in your funnel across marketing and sales from MQL to closed won,


Don’t be limited by your tech stack. Create reporting for marketing influence on outbound, MQLs, pipeline, and more.


Tell the full story of marketing’s influence and optimize budgets for tactics that you now know work.

Here’s how Operations use Mass Engines as their outsourced RevOps Agency

So many channels… paid, organic, events, emails… every marketing channel impacts different parts of the funnel. We can help you capture the data you need so you can get full visibility into lead-to-revenue reporting.

Lead Lifecycle

Leads through your funnel properly allows you to answer what’s working and what’s not.


Not more leads, better leads. Build a lead scoring model that will scale as you do.


Understand and capture first, last and every lead source so that you can report on attribution.


Stitch together disparate marketing data and create views that matter to every level of your organization.

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The Mass Approach

  • Tie campaigns to revenue results. We work with you to review closed loop reporting data, revealing the true ROI of marketing and sales tactics. By tracking your buyers from first touch to final sale, we help you better understand and optimize your funnel.
  • A change management approach. We go beyond simply setting up the integration between your marketing automation platform and your CRM. We empower your teams to easily access and utilize data to drive and close more leads.
  • Ongoing maintenance and optimization. As you gather more data and test new applications, we continue to support you to develop a comprehensive reporting framework, so you always know how your funnel is performing.

MASS Engines designed and developed reporting capabilities to increase lead flow visibility for stakeholders, and provided a systematic way to not only measure progress, but also inform stakeholders with tangible evidence and recommendations.

Madeleine Thom, Sr. Mgr, Demand Gen and Marketing, Samsung

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