MASS Engines for Marketing

Put revenue at the heart of your marketing efforts

Unlock your most powerful asset—your marketing data—so your team can get closer to revenue and set themselves apart from competitors.


improvement in MQL to Opportunity rate


increase in marketing pipeline contribution


increase in marketing contribution to revenue

MASS Engines for Marketing

Get closer to revenue

Get full visibility into every marketing campaign with attribution that tracks beyond FT and LC, so you can craft better campaigns.


Find blindspots in your funnel from MQL to closed won and stop funnel leaks from impacting your marketing results.


Connect campaigns, creative, and messaging to pipeline and revenue so your team can focus on higher impact work.

MASS Engines for Marketing

It isn’t rocket science. But it is science. MASS Engines helps you understand your marketing engine from lead-to-revenue so you can do more of what works and cut the waste.

Pipeline builder >

Increase marketing’s contribution to pipeline through a funnel analysis that prioritizes leads with the highest intent.

Revenue connector >

Tell marketing’s story with attribution that connects marketing activities to what drives pipeline and revenue.

Revops accelerator >

An elite RevOps partnership that builds scalable operations, unified data, and an optimized martech stack.

Lead management >

Increase the velocity and capacity of your funnel with the right blend of automation, data, and alignment.

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The Mass Approach

  • Tie campaigns to revenue results. We work with you to review closed loop reporting data, revealing the true ROI of marketing and sales tactics. By tracking your buyers from first touch to final sale, we help you better understand and optimize your funnel.
  • A change management approach. We go beyond simply setting up the integration between your marketing automation platform and your CRM. We empower your teams to easily access and utilize data to drive and close more leads.
  • Ongoing maintenance and optimization. As you gather more data and test new applications, we continue to support you to develop a comprehensive reporting framework, so you always know how your funnel is performing.

MASS Engines designed and developed reporting capabilities to increase lead flow visibility for stakeholders, and provided a systematic way to not only measure progress, but also inform stakeholders with tangible evidence and recommendations.

Madeleine Thom, Sr. Mgr, Demand Gen and Marketing, Samsung

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