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Your targets are aggressive and MQLs alone don’t pay the bills. You need a powerful lead management system.

With proper lead management you’ll increase the velocity and capacity of the marketing funnel. Leveraging the right blend of automation, data, best practices, and sales-marketing alignment, marketing teams can see what works best to prime leads for sales, quantifying the connection between campaigns and revenue.

MASS Engines enables brands to engage with modern buyers. By building adaptive systems that anticipate needs and influence behavior, we facilitate productive sales conversations that fuel ongoing revenue growth.

Our Empowered Buyer methodology utilizes a lead-to-revenue system to map and automate the buyer’s journey, improving conversions to deliver measurable revenue results.

It’s time to work with MASS Engines. Together, we can optimize your lead management systems and start your funnel revolution.


reduction in conversions between Inquiry to MQL funnel stages (with zero impact on SQL funnel stage)


improvement in conversions between Visitor to Inquiry funnel stages due to optimization of Contact Us form

How does a solid lead management framework make a difference for demand generation marketers?

Top and mid-funnel insights

Learn to use powerful tools to trace the best leads back to where it all began. This gives demand gen the credit it deserves for growth, while offering clear insights into the best tactics for driving qualified leads.

Better database quality

Your database is the key to most campaigns. Yet research shows the average database is 50% useless, mainly due to duplicates. We use the latest technologies to boost your database quality. This improves targeting strategies, maximizes results and saves your team time.

Advanced attribution reporting

Your demand generation efforts set many buyer journeys in motion. Attribution measurement helps you understand the power of those tactics, and incorporates engagement and content consumption metrics into lead scoring for your sales team.

MASS Engines is a MarTech Consultancy dedicated to long-term success.

Our approach is straightforward, strategic, and comprehensive. Here’s what we do differently:

  • Consider your whole marketing system, from end-to-end. Our process emphasizes collaboration between marketing and sales stakeholders, enabling solutions that work for everyone involved.
  • Apply MarTech expertise. We are marketing experts who have worked on over 350 projects. If it can be done with MarTech, we will make it happen. Our expertise is the key to unlocking the potential of your marketing automation platform.
  • Define KPIs and reporting strategies. Data can make a big difference for your demand generation campaigns. We work to create standardized definitions and reporting that marketing and sales can use to improve performance.

Marketing capture over 100 leads a month?

You’re a great fit for MASS Engines. Talk with a RevOps expert and we’ll show you a whole new lever to your lead generation strategy.

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