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With so many marketing metrics, how can a marketer truly understand which tactics are working, let alone generating revenue?

There is a better way to connect top-of-funnel marketing efforts to bottom line results. Closed loop reporting connects your marketing automation platform with your CRM to provide full circle insights on the buyer journey. This integration unlocks end-to-end data, giving you a reliable way to measure the ROI of every marketing effort.

Closed loop enables:

  • Strong focus on revenue generation, with closed loop reporting clarifying which marketing efforts lead to the most sales.
  • Sales and marketing alignment, connecting teams around clear and comprehensive ROI measurements for all efforts.
  • Clarity about lead quality, with end-to-end data showing which efforts drive the best prospects and a lead scoring model to turn these insights into revenue.

With closed loop reporting services from MASS Engines, you’ll get:

Expert implementation from Martech experts

We know closed loop reporting inside and out. Our experts will oversee a leak-proof integration, providing a seamless flow of data between your sales and marketing systems.

Buy-in from your teams

Put closed loop reporting into action with comprehensive training for sales and marketing stakeholders. Our proven educational method helps all your team members understand how closed loop reporting applies to their specific goals, ensuring they use this new methodology to its highest potential.

Systems that respond to the data

We work with you to get the maximum benefit from your newly integrated platforms, putting collaborative processes in place to review and utilize your newly integrated data pool.

The Mass Approach

  • Tie campaigns to revenue results. We work with you to review closed loop reporting data, revealing the true ROI of marketing and sales tactics. By tracking your buyers from first touch to final sale, we help you better understand and optimize your funnel.
  • A change management approach. We go beyond simply setting up the integration between your marketing automation platform and your CRM. We empower your teams to easily access and utilize data to drive and close more leads.
  • Ongoing maintenance and optimization. As you gather more data and test new applications, we continue to support you to develop a comprehensive reporting framework, so you always know how your funnel is performing.

MASS Engines designed and developed reporting capabilities to increase lead flow visibility for stakeholders, and provided a systematic way to not only measure progress, but also inform stakeholders with tangible evidence and recommendations.

Madeleine Thom, Sr. Mgr, Demand Gen and Marketing, Samsung

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