Resources To Transform Your Funnel And Drive Revenue.

MASS Engines

  • Podcast: People Buy Based on Trust

    My guest is Zee Jeremic! Zee is a Driven marketing technologist passionate about enabling companies large and small to harness the full power of automated demand generation. A senior solutions architect leading a growing team of Marketing Automation and CRM experts, with a strong belief in building fully integrated solutions that are well documented and easy-to-use.

  • Podcast: Transforming Funnel Performance

    In the latest episode of the SaaS Fuel™ Expert Series, Jeff is joined by Zee Jeremic as they dive into transforming funnel performance. The focus is on revenue operations, which is responsible for aligning sales and marketing to deliver better conversions and more revenue to the organization.

  • Demystifying RevOp

    Attribution Reporting | M² Live Forum

    In this M² live dialogue, marketing industry experts Nic Zangre (VP, Customer Success & Revenue Operations | CaliberMind) and Zee Jeremic (CEO | MASS Engines) discuss how to use software and data to quantify marketing's piece of the revenue pie. Watch to learn how to build a powerful attribution reporting system that connects campaigns to pipeline so you can confidently answer questions about the revenue impact of marketing campaigns.

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