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Make meaningful adjustments to processes and systems that enhance data quality, increase efficiencies, and ensure legal compliance.  Whether you want to integrate your systems, develop high-performing email templates or improve lead quality, MASS Engines helps you make meaningful changes to get your lead management system just right.

Advance services include:

  1. Email Templates: Save time and money on campaign deployment while ensuring your team stays on-brand. We help you develop email and campaign templates that deliver results, mapping to the activities your team executes most frequently. Templates provide a standardized look-and-feel with a predefined responsive format empowering your team to quickly spin-off new campaigns with minimal effort.
  2. CRM and Systems Integration: Improve your campaigns, business processes and alignment. The ability to easily transfer information between your CRM system and marketing automation platform is integral to the success of your marketing and sale efforts. We help you integrate these two powerful platforms, automatically syncing all relevant data, enabling better alignment between Sales and Marketing.
  3. Subscription and Preference Management: Stay ahead of the curve when subscription laws change.  Your marketing team needs to be confident their subscription and preference management processes are compliant. We help you align marketing activities with current subscription laws, confirm legal compliance and maximize audience reach by providing users with intuitive and granular control over how you communicate with them.
  4. Data Management: Maximize business outcomes by ensuring all data is standardized and enriched. From cleansing and augmentation to standardization and de-duplication, we help improve the effectiveness, reach and personalization of your marketing and nurturing campaigns, providing sales with the information they need to move a deal quickly through the funnel.
  5. Lead Scoring: Improve lead conversions and sales efficiencies by sending only the most qualified leads to your Sales team.  We help you take the guesswork out of what qualifies a “sales ready lead”. Our process gathers critical data on a prospect’s digital body language, identifying their interest level and their readiness to buy, systematically and objectively, so you can attract, nurture and close higher quality leads.

Other services include: Segmentation & Personalization, Sales enablement (engagement insight, sales templates), Progressive profiling & gated forms, Contact Level Security (CLS), Trigger Nurturing Programs, Landing pages templates, Campaign templates, Reputation Management (IP warming & monitoring)

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